High powered laser has a strong penetration, why do not have a vehicle in fog with a laser light after the car?

The characteristics of high powered laser is a small beam, good direction, energy can be concentrated to a relatively small area, so it is not like an ordinary light source that illuminates a large area (the answer says to be able to laser beam, laser beam expanding, but after and ordinary light what different?)high powered laser1

Alone any car, the driver’s eyes must be higher than the light, if all cars are almost the size, as long as the high powered laser direction with a certain downward angle, then the laser light is not possible to direct the other driver’s eyes, this is also thanks to the good laser direction.

high powered laser2

However, different car lights of different height, a large truck headlights is likely to be much higher than that of a car headlight so to make high powered laser more secure, also need the maximum height of the entire automobile industry agreed a laser lamp, which is lower than the lower edge of the smallest car front windshield the glass.

high powered laser3

Light propagation in the fog will have a reflection, if the energy is large enough, the driver’s eyes, the basic car is a high powered laser, the driver to see the road? Similarly, energy is too small, and impenetrable fog.

Strongest laser pointer fiber, why the beam quality will be poor?

For the strongest laser pointer, is usually described as “guided wave optics” theory, the guided wave equation, simulation of coupled mode equations; but in a large core diameter, high numerical aperture of the case, can be described using the “ray optics” theory, then you can use a “ray tracing” model.strongest laser pointer1

The strongest laser pointer has a different spot size and divergence angle, so it has different beam quality. It can effectively guide mode according to the refraction rate of the sequence, usually first guided modes like the Gauss beam, so it has the best beam quality, high order mode beam quality generally is getting worse.strongest laser pointer2

Any strongest laser pointer beam injection, in the mathematical equivalent of decomposition to the guided mode and a series of radiation mode, radiation mode eventually disappear, leaving only the guide mode. So, if the fiber is injected into the single-mode fiber, the output beam quality will be excellent, close to the theory of Gauss beam, but because of the radiation modes disappear. There will be a loss of power.

strongest laser pointer3

If strongest laser pointer is injected into the super multimode fiber, even Gauss beam injection, as long as the match is not good, there will be a lot of guided modes excited, causes the output beam quality. The simulation is estimated that you say fiber multimode fiber super, this time between the input and output beam quality should have no clear relationship.

If using blue laser pointers guidance, guidance laser sighting the available binocular sight

Aim at with guns pointing parallel do not coincide, aimed at the location and position of the guns pointed at both far and near a fixed size distance error. Then thought of in a similar way using two sets of periscope, mirror, blue laser  pointers by muzzle around two sides, with the eyepiece at the top of the gun. Following the crosshairs, then cross hairs.

blue laser pointers1

But now that it has no aim, that was like so well. Blue laser pointers double cylinder mechanical sight, sight, or diffraction, holographic technology has infinite sight image. Because the trajectory of relationship, live without guide weapon sights with binoculars, real-time display and measurement the computer and the eyes of a transparent display, it has obvious effect.

blue laser pointers3

Blue laser pointers can use weapons aimed at power irradiation target, do not want to “tip” enemy, can a power loss in sight, sight for SLR principle, or not in sight on the loss of power, double barrel sight.

blue laser pointers2

In the air, water, glass and other media environment, sometimes because of the uneven medium in time and space, without irradiation targeting will significantly reduce the shooting accuracy, but the distance is not obvious. The general guidance of bullets, shells, rockets and guided ammunition, if using blue laser pointers guidance, guidance laser sighting the available binocular sight.

High powered laser and photon energy can not interact with each other? Pointer?

Imagine the interaction of.High powered laser pointer collider is there, but not for high energy laser manufacturing. The design ideas of photon collider experiments is the electron positron collider based laser irradiation is a high-energy electron beam, resulting in a back to the process of inverse Compton scattering, photon emission extremely high energy collisions.

high powered laser pointer1

We all know that part of the sub hard scattering process in high powered laser pointer does not directly calculate the proton proton scattering scattering, but the calculation of a quark or gluon and another quark or gluon, part of a certain momentum x the probability density can be used to describe the parton distribution function.

high powered laser pointer3

Similarly, the distribution of high powered laser  pointer collider can have such a concept to describe the initial state. Of course the concept of electronic states is not practical, as the Delta (x-1) is good enough, but it can use this to make an unnecessary move; the amount of the initial distribution function to describe the photon.high powered laser pointer2

A simple calculation shows that for large high powered laser pointer PDF is very small, it is not difficult to understand clearly the bremsstrahlung photon radiation to become soft tend to focus on the small X area. This time the laser can play its role, although a single photon laser energy is very small.

If we can see laser pointers weapons, then look like?

For the ideal of laser pointers, in an ideal medium (such as vacuum) in communication is clearly not to see, the laser energy was concentrated in the beam, you will see the target there is no sign of the flash and corrosion wear, we do laser spot welding is the case. Of course, laser spot welding and laser beam energy is very low. Laser weapon is not a level.

laser pointers1

If the increase of energy, we can see a line of laser pointers formed the roof of the building, such as many high power laser. This is the Tyndall phenomenon, light through the colloidal particles in the atmosphere, a part of the energy to the surrounding formation of blinding light scattering effect.

laser pointers2

But note that different material laser pointers excitation frequency generation are not the same, if not necessary, not necessarily just fall in the range of visible light, laser spot welding applications are not visible at this point even if the laser scattering cannot see.laser pointers3

If the laser pointers energy to continue to increase the laser level, laser energy can ionize the air in the atmosphere, at this time you can see the white light, red or blue purple (according to different laser wavelength and power, can refer to the color of lightning).

Green light laser will travel in straight lines affected by wind?

The first to launch a bunch of active green light laser low energy ranging from the upper part of the aircraft pod, the coarse lock, provide location coordinates of missile; and then rotate the laser turret, which aimed at the target; then launch tracking laser beam and beacon illuminating laser beam to illuminate the target tracking, the laser beam on the contact missile, nose cone at the top of the missile with light irradiation, high resolution imaging sensors for missile imaging using reflection, further determine its position, shape and damageable parts, laser transmission line on atmospheric characteristics.

green light laser3

Adjust the mirror adaptive deformation parameters, tracking precision, aiming to provide parameters to the beam and fire control system; the last launch of high power green light laser, converge to the missile engine shell, a light time lasts about 3 ~ 5 s, the engine casing damage. In the whole process of operation, the control tower follow the ballistic missile servo.

green light laser1

The distant stars brighter, the green light laser can be regarded as the plane wave through the atmospheric turbulence, the wave front reaches the ground clutter. With adaptive optics telescope can be a part of such a distortion of light through the deformable mirror and the beam splitter into the wavefront sensor to detect the wavefront shape. Through the corresponding feedback algorithm promoting surface actuator array to adjust the mirror control, in a very short period of time will be reflected light is corrected for the closest to the plane wave form.

green light laser2

Of course, green light laser also has many limitations and difficulties, such as high speed regulation of large systems, such as air also has some dispersion, so different frequencies of light in the atmospheric disturbance will not the same, each job can only adapt to the relatively narrow band. If it is not very bright for the stars, but also to make an artificial laser guide star in the vicinity of the azimuth

Laser show is an indispensable part of the resonant cavity, the resonant cavity is simply two mirrors

Laser show inside the cavity of the laser oscillation strengthened, power output power is more powerful. That is to say such a powerful laser power cavity there is no burn those lenses, as long as your mirror coating for laser wavelength, is generally difficult to be burned. Generally used for resonant cavity lens, reflective film coating, the better to help you with 99.9% at home, it is through the lens of laser leak is very small. Of course, your mirror to stick a lot of dust, the dust burning laser can also destroy you in the mirror.laser show2

The so-called laser show, no matter what the object, have certain ability of reflection and absorption for different light, the same objects will have different reflection ability and absorption ability. For our common laser welding and cutting is the absorption of energy, can absorb so much energy to welding and cutting, if the material does not absorb it is unable to carry out cutting and welding. But for high peak power to a certain extent, will produce a series of nonlinear effects, it is not a simple problem of energy absorption.

laser show3

Before the thought, propagation of electromagnetic waves in the object is actually the reflection of laser show absorption. The Finel formula can be solved. But in the nonlinear effects, such as electrons are excited, the material is formed on the surface of plasma evaporation, light absorption and presents a particle, how unified two process is a very interesting. Have little talent and less learning, yet to explain.

laser show1

Analysis of the most superficial, the mirror cannot be 100% reflection laser show, itself will absorb part of the laser energy and laser energy weapons. To a certain extent, it is a mirror to absorb the energy can burn through the mirror.

High powered laser is handy for example, maybe there are more good material.

In fact, there is a feasible method of low efficiency, is not directly high powered laser, is in the lower atmosphere as carbon dioxide, carbon high temperature crystallization, diamond diamond crystal growth is estimated. The stick and then quickly spraying high temperature resistant materials, making it self by the fall. The long stick in order to reduce the loss.high powered laser1

Of course, the placement is quite good, the landing point should be a huge high powered laser, is to drop down the energy can not manufacture carbon energy, but the carbon atoms transported to the altitude from all corners of the country’s huge solar energy! Set off a tidal wave, was sent into electrical Giant Hydropower Station. Of course, carbon the size should be adjusted, don’t accidentally put the atomic bomb to play.

high powered laser2

High powered laser microwave transmission scheme is nonsense. I think, it is the energy per unit area of low energy waste, high energy per unit area of the weapon. And what is the difference between the space or a ladder, then at night to reach a certain position hard wired transmission power is better. There is a way of energy conversion, for example said on the moon first electricity for the electrolysis of water to produce hydrogen and then look for the spacecraft of the hydrogen and oxygen tank with high compression conveying to the near ladder delivered directly to the ground.high powered laser3

High powered laser is handy for example, maybe there are more good material. This is like the ancient use of solar energy, solar heat to the heating into limestone lime, and then when you need to put the heat of lime and water is good.

To make the strongest laser pointer lock the enemy missiles, just take a moment to blind or burned it

For example, in the strategic defense to intercept a missile to launch a missile, it is too expensive, the war is playing money. Besides, the enemy missile maneuver to change course, you have to calculate the detection precision, otherwise you can’t hit a missile interception strongest laser pointer people, no problem people, speed is the speed of light (*, *) B, is the bottleneck of the whole servo system, can make the laser beam locked enemy missiles, just as he put it blind or burned.

strongest laser pointer2

The main difficulty in two, strongest laser pointer, photoelectric tracking. The former is easy to understand, is nothing more than the power of laser wavelength more Niubi better, as far as possible in the atmospheric window, high beam quality. A part of the latter is also very important, is a feedback speed and the locking precision to be high, to keep the laser the two laser irradiation; is influenced by the atmospheric turbulence, caused by the need of adaptive optics by means of jitter compensation for distortion.strongest laser pointer3

It seems that the biggest problem is that the light for a moment, that is long. Usually strongest laser pointer, the failure mechanism is mainly rely on thermal effect, with exposure time is heat accumulation, the greater the power requires shorter time, photoelectric tracking difficulty is small, for example, to get 100kW, 1s burn in two seconds the missile, assuming 10 times the speed of sound, which is 12 thousand km / h, photoelectric tracking and laser lock need 3kM, but if your power is too weak to chicken, you haven’t burned it to your base to lift.

strongest laser pointer1

Of course, the power density and ablation degree is proportional to the spot can be reduced to increase the power density, but in order to fight the distant goal, can not use the focused beam, can make strongest laser pointer M2 (beam quality factor) is small, the collimation degree is higher, it will turn into the pursuit of power high beam quality, high power index pursuit, technical difficulty is not low.


Because the length of the blue laser pointers is relatively easy to achieve ultra fast, so the beam produced by the laser beam is basically a bunch of short

In the blue laser pointers is considered a cathode really easy to use, is to look at the thermal emittance, lifetime, emission efficiency, response time. Each is a pit. Because it is not what each cathode performance are very good. So in the design stage, to think what is most important to choose again.blue laser pointers1

First, blue laser pointers, the vacuum tube is hot cathode. Such as old-fashioned CRT TV, antique oscilloscope like. Now to see the play. In the high-end audio could be seen in the vacuum tube, after all. The power electronic principle thermal emission is bound to change due to the high temperature distribution in the end, the formation of a high-energy tail.

blue laser pointers2

If the electron energy is greater than the material work function, coupled with the external electric field, electron is emitted out. There are a lot of hot cathode materials, the mainstream is the LaB6 class blue laser pointers. advantage of long service life, low transverse emittance, simple and mature. That is the low emittance electron temperature is low, only 1400~1800 we used the accelerator with a 0.12~0.15eV. unit also so good things you love.blue laser pointers3

But blue laser pointers, the biggest problem is the bunch is very long. A little can after the longitudinal emittance is substantial. There are a bunch of serious problems in the RF gun. So there are very high requirements of the equipment will not used for electron beam length. Of course is one of the hot cathode can not be reconciled, they also have to come up with a counter grid short bunch.