The laser pointers radar is composed of three parts, which are the transmission system, the receiving system and the information processing.

Laser pointers electric pulse into pulses of light emitted from the target, then the optical receiver of the reflected light pulse reduction into electrical laser pointers pulses, finally through a series of algorithms to derive the target position (distance and angle), motion (speed, vibration and attitude) and shape, laser pointers can detect, identify and track target recognition.laser-pointers1

In addition, pulsed beams are essentially infrared wave, not by the electromagnetic wave effect, therefore, the signal source can interfere the laser pointers scanner in general application environment is not much system suitable for highly automated.Anti active jamming ability, pulse laser pointers radar transmitter aperture beam of very small, the receiver can receive the pulse beam area is very narrow, laser pointers therefore, by other infrared radar beam interference opportunity is very small.laser-pointers3

No light effect, laser pointers scanner can all-weather detection task, and the detection effect is not by day or night and driving many of the function of the camera sensor is not up to the present. This is no high laser pointers resolution, high precision, less than 2 cm, the angular resolution of about 0.09 degrees so, high resolution can be fully drawn contour, plus vertical angle detection, on average every 0.4 degrees with a scanning layer, laser pointers the whole week update rate of 15 Hz (Hz), the vehicle surroundings will be nowhere to hide.


No light effect, laser pointers scanner can all-weather detection task, and the detection effect is not by day or night and driving many of the function of the camera sensor reach which is currently unmanned.


A new type of welding technology for the welding of transparent polymers has confirmed the rapid development of the fiber laser pointers technology.

We know that laser pointers many of these polymer absorption in the wavelength range of high rate, but recently validated, this level of absorption laser pointers rate can be used for welding a series of translucent and transparent polymer, and can make the weld in the naked eye. Because the laser pointers optically transparent emission spectrum range of erbium and thulium doped fiber laser 1.4-2.0 M years ago, they have been laser pointers widely used in medical and aerospace industries.laser-pointers1

This basic relationship laser pointers is almost suitable for all welding processes. When two layers of transparent laser pointers polymer fixed together, it is possible to realize welding by adjusting the welding speed. It is a penetrating laser pointers optical multilayer polypropylene transparent materials and welding. With thulium doped laser beams is increased, we can clearly see the melting laser pointers the main part of the material with certain depth. With the relative motion between laser pointers the laser beam and the workpiece, controllable welding depth is dependent on the laser power and the displacement velocity.


The experiment laser pointers also shows a number of bead can increase the welding depth and quality, multilayer polymer film can also be single or multi pass welding technology. The welding process has laser pointers many advantages, the most important point is that do not require material modification or other infrared absorption layer to enhance laser pointers the absorption of polymer on the laser.


The rate of heat input thulium doped fiber laser pointers in the strict control, which makes the engagement surface of the heat input is strictly controlled. Further experiments laser pointers show that butt welding and lap welding can form a transparent optical interface, this technique can also be applied to other kinds of joint surface structure, laser pointers such as fillet welding, spot welding, and welding spike. Can also be used for edge welding, end welding, fillet welding and T shape welding.



The test against UAV cluster weapons than laser pointers weapons more fierce

Phaser is a kind of high power microwave laser pointers transmitter installed in the 20 foot container. It in the Star Trek fictional name weapon Phaser laser pointers in the name .The whole system is powered by a diesel generator, can operate independently of.Phaser towards the incoming UAV microwave laser pointers energy jet is short, the control system and the engine failure crashed.The U.S. military is testing a weapon laser pointers called “Phaser”, can quietly downed drone cluster is flying.


Phaser is a kind of high power laser pointers microwave transmitter mounted on a standard 20 foot container. The top of sentinel system using MPQ-64 radar and short-range tactical radar detection, target tracking,  laser pointers information will be handed over to the Phaser. and laser pointers anti UAV technology, laser only can aim and shoot down a drone, Phaser can launch to a certain point, which could deal with a group of UAVs, of course, it takes a great deal of energy density, battlefield energy supply is a problem.laser-pointersa2

Compared with other anti UAV technology, Phaser has more advantages. The United States Army Air Defense Forces always have an laser pointers overwhelming advantage, for decades almost never encounter opponents, now from the ISIS to the potential threat of routine laser pointers play and increasingly sophisticated UAV cluster technology to make army air defence forces began to pay attention to the feasibility laser pointers of directional weapon against UAV cluster operations.laser-pointersa3

The Phaser project has only recently been declassified,   laser pointers but in fact the United States Army Air Defense Artillery department from the beginning of 2013 has been to Fort Steele in Oklahoma on the project of.Phaser is not limited to the UAV aerial threats, also can be used to destroy the laser pointers target range of vehicles, tanks, helicopters and other electronic equipment.laser-pointersa4

The laser pointers displacement sensor can be used in the detection and monitoring of atmospheric pollutants.

Laser pointers displacement sensor is a commonly used measuring instrument, mainly for length, distance, velocity, vibration, measuring range and laser pointers  other physical quantities, but also can be used for detection and monitoring of air pollutants. The laser pointers  displacement sensor with measuring precision, wide measuring range, simple maintenance, durability and other advantages, is widely laser pointers   the application in many industries.


The identification of small parts; laser pointers monitoring on the conveyor belt have any parts; detection materials and overlap; manipulator (tool center position) of the control device;  laser pointers state detection; detection device position (through holes); liquid level monitoring; laser pointers thickness measurement; vibration analysis; impact test measurement; auto test etc.laser-pointers01

Measuring the thickness of metal sheet and sheet: laser pointers displacement sensor to measure the thickness of the metal sheet (sheet). The changes of the laser pointers thickness of the detection can help find wrinkles, small holes or overlap, to avoid machine failure, at the same time measurement, cylinder: laser pointers angle, length, diameter, eccentricity, taper, concentricity and surface profile.


The production line filling level inspection: laser pointers displacement sensor is integrated into the production of filling products, laser pointers when filling products through the sensor, can detect whether filled. Identify the number of filling products with extended program reflecting surface laser pointers beam can accurate sensor filling and the product is qualified.


Laser pointers freckle is to play the role of laser wavelength is disintegrating by pigment absorption after the patch

A white cover 100 ugly, is saying is the truth, who do not laser pointers want to have a clean, dry skin whitening, especially the freckled girl boy is better than laser pointers others more trouble, hoping to remove. In recent years, with the development of science and laser pointers technology, women want to use laser freckle to improve the present situation. So, how the laser pointers freckle effect?


In recent years, with the rapid development of the medical level of age, can use laser pointers freckle. Laser freckle laser pointers wavelength is through certain pigment absorption caused by plaque, play a role in the disintegration of black patches after the disintegration. Fragments will slowly absorbed by the body. The absorption time is generally about a month and a half, so the two treatment intervals for one and a half months. Laser pointers freckle treatment will have a slight tingling.


After treatment, there will be some  laser pointers  small blood epidermal permeability, a day or so gradually healing of the crusts, about 3~5 days scab will naturally fall off;  laser pointers  treatment is currently not blisters; however, there will be some temporary application of  laser pointers  treatment of postoperative pigmentation, not excessive worry, cool color will gradually disappear faded in 3 months after the  laser pointers  treatment, most will not leave scar.


Laser pointers freckle is the use of the selective photothermolysis principle of laser pointers . laser pointers  irradiation of the skin, the skin will be lesion pigment absorption, high energy laser will produce will break these pigments, pigment with the circulation of human debris out of the body, so as to achieve the purpose. Speckle due to skin lesions have not contain pigment so, will not absorblaser pointers , so it will not hurt the skin itself. So, no scar after laser pointers freckle, very ideal.laser-pointers4



Ultrafast laser pointers into academia and the hot direction of laser applications

The appearance of laser pointers for people opened a new chapter in the processing field. Especially the microsecond pulse laser pointers has appeared, because of its ultra fast and ultra high peak characteristics, it can be fast and accurate energy, focus on the role of regional, non hot melt on almost all materials of cold processing.


To obtain high accuracy compared to the traditional laser pointers , low damage and other advantages. In these unique advantages in picosecond laser pointers  micromachining of materials, nano structure fabrication, photonic devices, high carbon storage, has been widely used in biomedical engineering.


Super ultrafast laser pointers science is a new discipline very young, is in the eve of a major breakthrough. In recent years, with the development of the high power picosecond, femtosecond laser pointers and fiber ultrafast laser technology breakthrough and the commercialization of ultrafast laser pointers has from the laboratory to practical application in industrial production, has become a hot academic direction and laser pointers application industry.


Ultrafast laser pointers micro nano fabrication is a cross disciplinary category, a cutting-edge touch machinery, optics, physics, chemistry, materials, biology, in defense, information, medical devices, automotive and other areas widely. The ultrafast laser pointers means pulse width shorter than 10ps (10-11s) laser pointers with ultra strong and ultra fast peculiar advantage the production process of extremes in the probation time and peak power.