What happens when a person travels at the speed of light, while a green light laser in his hand is going forward? Will there be two times the speed of light?

This is actually the first conclusion, another theory. Originally thought that all human understanding of the universe, what research on decomposition rate of synthesis is very thorough. But suddenly one day, no matter what the launch on the platform of green light laser, measuring its speed is constant on another platform. And then you’re blind, melancholy, until the last one to help people find a new theory to explain this problem. So the answer is not because certain theory, light can travel faster than light, but so far, the experiment not even a little bit of super speed of light.green light laser1

“The relative velocity we assume that someone close to green light laser, then according to the theory of relativity, his time” relatively slow to close to us “(stop watch his speed, his aging speed, in our view, slow to almost stop); but in his opinion, his time is normal. That is to say, we are in two different time reference and him.green light laser2

Observation on the reference system in which we live, because of his green light laser time “relatively slow to close to us” stop – we can assume that the time to slow down N times. So in our view, this light is light from his relative speed c slow N times.green light laser3

Any of the two in the relative motion of the object, in fact, are in a different frame of reference, time lapse speed is different. Only our usual velocity relative to the green light laser is too small, so each time the different speed can almost be ignored.

Can you imagine now that science and technology have been able to put a few tens of kilograms of laser show into a piece of smaller than the cover of the chip and can do the same job?

What is laser show? Laser show is a micro machining technology using integrated circuit manufacturing and 3D silicon, the structure of micron and nanometer scale sensor, control processing circuit and even micro intelligent system interface, communication and power supply manufacturing in one or more blocks on the chip, it can be the ability to provide intelligent device to the external environment even the perception processing. The miniaturization, high efficiency, low cost of property, so that it can be applied to almost all products, has a revolutionary significance.laser-pointers1

Taking laser show as an example, equipment and sensor related costs, especially playing the self driving role of traditional mechanical eye, laser radar is located in the roof of the vehicle on the road occupied more than half of the manufacturing cost. At present, with the development of technology, even Google related equipment driving volume is much smaller, but the laser the roof of the radar still depends on the release of body design freedom appearance.


Laser show, have made progress in technology and application breakthrough. Since the equipment driving car is mechanical pulse laser transmitter, laser radar can completely replace the cumbersome equipment, with a coin size installed on the automobile bumper, the mechanical effect of laser radar is even better.laser-pointers3

Because in theory, as long as we can find enough representative laser show, you can use the statistical results of the probability of finding a mathematical model, and makes it very close to the real situation, so a lot of manpower cost savings or give users a more pleasant experience.

Under the irradiation of high powered laser, the optical image is formed by the imaging objective lens

High powered laser is converted into electronic signals by the image sensor. Then, the electrical signal is amplified by the image data processing system and synchronization control, sent to the image display, you can see the two-dimensional optical image of the object, so as to provide information for automatic driving vehicle driving environment accurately.

high powered laser1

In the automotive field, the image sensor is mainly used in the high powered laser, such as reverse image, forward-looking, overlooking the panoramic parking car mirror image, replace, tachograph, forward collision warning, lane departure warning, detection of traffic signal recognition, pedestrian, adaptive cruise control, blind spot detection and night vision, to ensure that the weather in the visual system a variety of road conditions, can clearly identify the lane, the vehicle, obstacle, traffic signs and so on.high powered laser2

According to the different elements, the image sensor can be divided into CCD, CMOS and CIS three. High powered laser, CCD early, because of small size, high resolution, high sensitivity, high image quality, has been leading image sensor market. However, behind CCD, it also brings some problems, such as high cost. The resulting lower cost, lower power consumption of the CMOS sensor.high powered laser3

Compared with CCD, high powered laser has a simple way to read the information, output information rate, low power consumption, high integration, low price, after the launch soon by the many well-known manufacturers of all ages. And with the development of technology, CMOS continued to narrow the gap with CCD, now gradually developed into the core of the market.

Super resolution imaging team successfully developed two-photon excitation strongest laser pointer scanning real-time stereo microscope

Research on contemporary life science put forward the higher spatial resolution of the increasingly high demand for the strongest laser pointer microscopy, imaging depth greater and faster imaging speed. Especially for in vivo imaging, light scattering of biological tissues makes noise greatly enhanced, seriously affecting the spatial resolution and depth imaging.strongest laser pointer1

In order to improve the imaging depth, two-photon excitation strongest laser pointer scanning fluorescence microscopy technology since 1990s which is widely used in the field of neuro imaging, but the imaging mode of the scanning point restricts the imaging speed. Because of the high resolution optical microscope, the depth of field is very small, to complete the 3D images for the samples.

strongest laser pointer2

Usually has dozens of layers of 2D images were superimposed per layer reconstruction, image acquisition and processing generally require several minutes or even tens of minutes, to quickly get the real-time three-dimensional image display and very difficult, with the principle of binocular vision and Bessel beam extended focal field as the foundation, proposed the strongest laser pointer three-dimensional scanning device consists of the four galvanometer, control of lateral position and inclination of Bessel beam includes three dimensions, break through the traditional laser scanning not only two degrees of freedom from the perspective of real-time switch restrictions.


Blue laser pointers is a new type of laser beam with non-uniform polarization and helical phase structure on the beam cross section

Blue laser pointers in laser processing, particle manipulation, it has very important applications in quantum information. Compared with vector beam or vortex beam, vector vortex beams in the interaction between light and matter has more degrees of freedom.laser1

The use of blue laser pointers, the polarization converter based on liquid crystal, laser resonator has been able to produce vector vortex beams. However, the beam generated by these methods are generally confined to the polarization state specific, and has a low threshold, low conversion efficiency and the large size and other shortcomings.


A vector vortex beam can be decomposed into a blue laser pointers,vector and blue vector polarization polarization with a dielectric film and Q vortex phase can be achieved through a spiral phase plate. The Q structure is integrated into the spiral phase plate, can be formed integrated device to generate vector vortex beam.laser3

Blue laser pointers is used to describe any vector vortex beams, the physical process can make the polarization and phase evolution has become more intuitive. Based on the theory of mixed order Poincare ball, arbitrary vector vortex beams can be decomposed into a vector beam and a vortex phase factor. The vector beam with a dielectric Q and vortex which factor can be achieved through a spiral phase plate. Through the control of polarization state of incident light, you can get mixed order Poincare ball on the corresponding point of the vector vortex beams.

When high powered laser pointer and AR to achieve the perfect fusion, laser projection will become a catalyst, with which you can enter into a new environment in the new

High powered laser pointer dazzling, but the head of the fourth generation display laser projection technology can also display the aura, ruthless role of science and technology circle in recent years. Known as the “excellent quality” of it, the pace of technological change has been more than Moore’s law. In the face of sharper screen, more expressive color, more interactive true immersive experience, the user for the laser projection display performance requirements have been satisfied.high powered laser pointer1

As a new generation of display technology, high powered laser pointer has the following advantages: the first advantage is geometry, double color high-definition laser. High brightness, easy to eye geometric resolution limit of the large screen display. Existing high-definition TV is 1280 * 720,4K, the future can be achieved 8K display on the big screen.

high powered laser pointer2

Because the high powered laser pointer line, up to the edge of the chromaticity diagram, high color saturation; laser spectrum is rich, can constitute the greatest chromaticity triangle, the existing display color gamut coverage increased by 3 times. In three color laser projectors as an example, the performance of more than 90% of the human nature can identify the color.high powered laser pointer3

High powered laser pointer is the reverse display holography, essentially by forming a three-dimensional image in the air or the special three-dimensional lenses. Unlike flat screen projection by only two-dimensional surface perspective, shadows and other effects to achieve three-dimensional, holographic projection technology is really showing 3D images, can different side view images from any angle of 360 degrees”

In the laser pointers process, whether there will be a thermal effect, the thermal effect will have on the circuit board and components

We understand that has relied on machinery / plate cutting, manual cutting, PCB designers and manufacturers and other forms of traditional plate equipment is very worried about laser pointers will produce the bad processing. No wonder they will continue to focus on regional thermal effect of the laser, especially the influence on cutting in line in the vicinity of the components.laser pointers1

Especially for high risk near the cutting edge of the components are destroyed in the board process may be studied. In other words, the thermal effects of ultraviolet laser pointers line around to what extent, the thermal effect will damage the cutting line in the vicinity of the components?

laser pointers2

Laser pointers will not cause damage to the sensitive components or close to the wiring board. For the study of thermal effect of regional effect will be more in-depth, but the results of the present study, we can clearly conclude that optimization of UV laser parameters can control the thermal effect of the temperature.laser pointers3

When the plate processing, you can use the laser pointers to adjust 15W. and when processing flexible material you can reduce the laser power to 1W3W. when processing flexible material or a specific plastic, you can also use the laser scanning control, microsecond between each scan delay to ensure proper cooling of heat affected zone. In order to avoid the implementation of one-time energy enormous heat generated in the product above agglomeration, this heat affected by near control wire components are protected.

The laser pointers is writing on a multi – function, small array of dual – function LED that can emit light and respond to light at the same time

These are less than 5 nanometers in diameter laser pointers is made of three kinds of semiconductor materials. A high powered laser pointer. emission and absorption of other two kinds of semiconductor materials through the first charge control mode. The combination of these three materials makes blue laser pointers can launch and perception of light and light response.laser pointers1

Strongest laser pointer can quickly switch back and forth between the execution of emission and detection function. Their switching speed is so fast, so for the human eye, high powered laser seems to have been to keep the show — in fact, laser show is three orders of magnitude faster than the standard display. However, the green light laser in continuously detect and absorb light, by the laser pointers can be programmed in a variety of ways to respond to the light signal.

laser pointers3

So imagine your mobile phone is just the place where you can gather around the high powered laser pointer to charge. This is a possibility, but not the blue laser pointers. integrated individually, we still have a lot of work to do to make strongest laser pointer can be completely self powered, but we think we can to improve the energy collection performance does not damage the high powered laser, a laser show which makes the most of the power consumption can be derived from itself.laser pointers2

In addition to the interaction with the users and their environment, green light laser can also be used as a large array of parallel communication to interact with.Laser pointers than device to device technologies such as Bluetooth technology to slow, but those technologies are serial — they can only transmit one bit. Two high powered laser pointer face to face and how many pixels on the screen, you can communicate with the number of bits.

Methane is absorbed into the scene by using a methane absorbed at a wavelength of laser pointers to form a series of infrared modes

Although the detection of methane gas laser pointers imaging is available, but the high powered laser pointer is very expensive, and can not be well applied in all blue laser pointers under the condition of pointers. The new strongest laser pointer can provide a cheaper and more sensitive to the high powered laser in various conditions. It adopts the methane gas detection the positive laser show is developed, and the research team has developed green light laser.laser pointers1

The implementation of laser pointers system, through the use of a high powered laser pointer methane project  was absorbed into the scene, forming a series of blue laser pointers. these patterns are created with strongest pointer and laser mobile tens of thousands of mirrors high powered laser, said that the methane absorption light for laser show. digital image projection. Compared to the original model was reconstructed by detecting the light scattering field is calculated.

laser pointers2

The researchers used a green light laser laser pointers measurement in the scene, and has millions of pixels due to scattering and expensive traditional camera is not available for high powered laser pointer.blue laser pointers is the key to the establishment of a commercial strongest laser pointer methane gas, which may cost only a few thousand dollars, significantly lower than today’s high powered laser. the system does not use any scanner or other moving parts, it can be easily transformed into a laser show.laser pointers3

They green light laser can realize the monitoring rate of gas leaking from the pipe of about one meter at about 25 frames per second. They also show that the laser pointers is very sensitive to methane, even in between the camera and the.High powered laser pointer with methane gas between the frame rate of the camera provides more information for this, the blue laser pointers gas leakage has very high resolution image is more useful.

The new era of the tile laser pointers can obtain unprecedented performance requirements

The laser pointers is a new equipment of main beam, high powered laser pointer has the characteristics of ultrashort optical pulse and blue laser pointers, strongest laser can provide pointer. HAPLS system 3.3Hz frequency verus said each of the 28 high powered laser femtosecond can transmit 16 Joule — each pulse to produce about 0.5 megawatts of energy for scientists the smooth development of cutting-edge experiments.laser pointers

From laser show to a fully integrated and even become the whole process to break the record of the products. Twenty years ago, green light laser led the development of the world’s first laser pointers laser, which is a huge breakthrough in the peak power. Today, high powered laser pointer, ushering in a new era of petawatt laser, can obtain the hitherto unknown the performance requirements .

laser pointers2

The high frequency characteristics of blue laser pointers system is an important turning point in the field, the strongest laser pointer system is the first real application high powered laser. frequency is set according to the design requirements, no one can in such a short period of time with a limited budget to achieve laser show. Cornelius and facilities to improve the green light system laser cooperation so that we benefit a lot.laser pointers3

In the whole process of the development of laser pointers, high powered laser pointer scientists and engineers have always maintained close cooperation. One of the truly successful effort is, from the beginning of the entrusting party is completely devoted to the commissioning and operation of blue laser pointers. This provides the conditions for the practice training and professional knowledge of the entry, ensure effective operation of the strongest laser pointer‘s success.