High powered laser is handy for example, maybe there are more good material.

In fact, there is a feasible method of low efficiency, is not directly high powered laser, is in the lower atmosphere as carbon dioxide, carbon high temperature crystallization, diamond diamond crystal growth is estimated. The stick and then quickly spraying high temperature resistant materials, making it self by the fall. The long stick in order to reduce the loss.high powered laser1

Of course, the placement is quite good, the landing point should be a huge high powered laser, is to drop down the energy can not manufacture carbon energy, but the carbon atoms transported to the altitude from all corners of the country’s huge solar energy! Set off a tidal wave, was sent into electrical Giant Hydropower Station. Of course, carbon the size should be adjusted, don’t accidentally put the atomic bomb to play.

high powered laser2

High powered laser microwave transmission scheme is nonsense. I think, it is the energy per unit area of low energy waste, high energy per unit area of the weapon. And what is the difference between the space or a ladder, then at night to reach a certain position hard wired transmission power is better. There is a way of energy conversion, for example said on the moon first electricity for the electrolysis of water to produce hydrogen and then look for the spacecraft of the hydrogen and oxygen tank with high compression conveying to the near ladder delivered directly to the ground.high powered laser3

High powered laser is handy for example, maybe there are more good material. This is like the ancient use of solar energy, solar heat to the heating into limestone lime, and then when you need to put the heat of lime and water is good.