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High powered laser has a strong penetration, why do not have a vehicle in fog with a laser light after the car?

The characteristics of high powered laser is a small beam, good direction, energy can be concentrated to a relatively small area, so it is not like an ordinary light source that illuminates a large area (the answer says to be able to laser beam, laser beam expanding, but after and ordinary light what different?)high powered laser1

Alone any car, the driver’s eyes must be higher than the light, if all cars are almost the size, as long as the high powered laser direction with a certain downward angle, then the laser light is not possible to direct the other driver’s eyes, this is also thanks to the good laser direction.

high powered laser2

However, different car lights of different height, a large truck headlights is likely to be much higher than that of a car headlight so to make high powered laser more secure, also need the maximum height of the entire automobile industry agreed a laser lamp, which is lower than the lower edge of the smallest car front windshield the glass.

high powered laser3

Light propagation in the fog will have a reflection, if the energy is large enough, the driver’s eyes, the basic car is a high powered laser, the driver to see the road? Similarly, energy is too small, and impenetrable fog.

High powered laser is handy for example, maybe there are more good material.

In fact, there is a feasible method of low efficiency, is not directly high powered laser, is in the lower atmosphere as carbon dioxide, carbon high temperature crystallization, diamond diamond crystal growth is estimated. The stick and then quickly spraying high temperature resistant materials, making it self by the fall. The long stick in order to reduce the loss.high powered laser1

Of course, the placement is quite good, the landing point should be a huge high powered laser, is to drop down the energy can not manufacture carbon energy, but the carbon atoms transported to the altitude from all corners of the country’s huge solar energy! Set off a tidal wave, was sent into electrical Giant Hydropower Station. Of course, carbon the size should be adjusted, don’t accidentally put the atomic bomb to play.

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High powered laser microwave transmission scheme is nonsense. I think, it is the energy per unit area of low energy waste, high energy per unit area of the weapon. And what is the difference between the space or a ladder, then at night to reach a certain position hard wired transmission power is better. There is a way of energy conversion, for example said on the moon first electricity for the electrolysis of water to produce hydrogen and then look for the spacecraft of the hydrogen and oxygen tank with high compression conveying to the near ladder delivered directly to the ground.high powered laser3

High powered laser is handy for example, maybe there are more good material. This is like the ancient use of solar energy, solar heat to the heating into limestone lime, and then when you need to put the heat of lime and water is good.

How to build this kind of high powered laser stadium in advertising? How much does it cost?

First, you need high powered laser transmitter, if you want to cast a similar effect, you need to let the laser grating, grating can be projected from the corresponding graphics, but the graphics need to customize the grating projection. If your computer skills are good, implementation method of scanning with mirror, two mirror changing laser beam the X and Y axes, let the laser scan corresponding graph according to the risk to the human body laser classification on the ground, observed in the light inside the tree to the eyes.

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I say things I need to know it. First of all that I did for a period of time high powered laser animation in 10 years, the court can build with related equipment. The basic involves two pieces, one is the laser performance device. Such a large range of radiation, to maintain the brightness, almost 2 to 3W machines, about 4-7 million yuan. Then need to edit a set of software, for example, pangolin, about 100 thousand. Then is the personnel expense and on-site erection of the shelf and so on.

high powered laser2

A group of scientists of international cooperation to customize a X special optical glasses, the X high powered laser ray ever more powerful. Individually to eliminate the inevitable correction lens X ray optical defects of the stack, almost entirely from X beam 3/4 to form a 250 nm light field (one millionth of a millimeter in diameter) of the light field, close to the theoretical limit.

high powered laser3

The high powered laser can not only improve the quality of the measurement, but also opened up a new way of study, tend to remember the first and last thing happened. The middle thing not remember. So, if you want to introduce yourself, do the best first or last interview. When is the same.

Under the irradiation of high powered laser, the optical image is formed by the imaging objective lens

High powered laser is converted into electronic signals by the image sensor. Then, the electrical signal is amplified by the image data processing system and synchronization control, sent to the image display, you can see the two-dimensional optical image of the object, so as to provide information for automatic driving vehicle driving environment accurately.

high powered laser1

In the automotive field, the image sensor is mainly used in the high powered laser, such as reverse image, forward-looking, overlooking the panoramic parking car mirror image, replace, tachograph, forward collision warning, lane departure warning, detection of traffic signal recognition, pedestrian, adaptive cruise control, blind spot detection and night vision, to ensure that the weather in the visual system a variety of road conditions, can clearly identify the lane, the vehicle, obstacle, traffic signs and so on.high powered laser2

According to the different elements, the image sensor can be divided into CCD, CMOS and CIS three. High powered laser, CCD early, because of small size, high resolution, high sensitivity, high image quality, has been leading image sensor market. However, behind CCD, it also brings some problems, such as high cost. The resulting lower cost, lower power consumption of the CMOS sensor.high powered laser3

Compared with CCD, high powered laser has a simple way to read the information, output information rate, low power consumption, high integration, low price, after the launch soon by the many well-known manufacturers of all ages. And with the development of technology, CMOS continued to narrow the gap with CCD, now gradually developed into the core of the market.