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Strongest laser pointer fiber, why the beam quality will be poor?

For the strongest laser pointer, is usually described as “guided wave optics” theory, the guided wave equation, simulation of coupled mode equations; but in a large core diameter, high numerical aperture of the case, can be described using the “ray optics” theory, then you can use a “ray tracing” model.strongest laser pointer1

The strongest laser pointer has a different spot size and divergence angle, so it has different beam quality. It can effectively guide mode according to the refraction rate of the sequence, usually first guided modes like the Gauss beam, so it has the best beam quality, high order mode beam quality generally is getting worse.strongest laser pointer2

Any strongest laser pointer beam injection, in the mathematical equivalent of decomposition to the guided mode and a series of radiation mode, radiation mode eventually disappear, leaving only the guide mode. So, if the fiber is injected into the single-mode fiber, the output beam quality will be excellent, close to the theory of Gauss beam, but because of the radiation modes disappear. There will be a loss of power.

strongest laser pointer3

If strongest laser pointer is injected into the super multimode fiber, even Gauss beam injection, as long as the match is not good, there will be a lot of guided modes excited, causes the output beam quality. The simulation is estimated that you say fiber multimode fiber super, this time between the input and output beam quality should have no clear relationship.

To make the strongest laser pointer lock the enemy missiles, just take a moment to blind or burned it

For example, in the strategic defense to intercept a missile to launch a missile, it is too expensive, the war is playing money. Besides, the enemy missile maneuver to change course, you have to calculate the detection precision, otherwise you can’t hit a missile interception strongest laser pointer people, no problem people, speed is the speed of light (*, *) B, is the bottleneck of the whole servo system, can make the laser beam locked enemy missiles, just as he put it blind or burned.

strongest laser pointer2

The main difficulty in two, strongest laser pointer, photoelectric tracking. The former is easy to understand, is nothing more than the power of laser wavelength more Niubi better, as far as possible in the atmospheric window, high beam quality. A part of the latter is also very important, is a feedback speed and the locking precision to be high, to keep the laser the two laser irradiation; is influenced by the atmospheric turbulence, caused by the need of adaptive optics by means of jitter compensation for distortion.strongest laser pointer3

It seems that the biggest problem is that the light for a moment, that is long. Usually strongest laser pointer, the failure mechanism is mainly rely on thermal effect, with exposure time is heat accumulation, the greater the power requires shorter time, photoelectric tracking difficulty is small, for example, to get 100kW, 1s burn in two seconds the missile, assuming 10 times the speed of sound, which is 12 thousand km / h, photoelectric tracking and laser lock need 3kM, but if your power is too weak to chicken, you haven’t burned it to your base to lift.

strongest laser pointer1

Of course, the power density and ablation degree is proportional to the spot can be reduced to increase the power density, but in order to fight the distant goal, can not use the focused beam, can make strongest laser pointer M2 (beam quality factor) is small, the collimation degree is higher, it will turn into the pursuit of power high beam quality, high power index pursuit, technical difficulty is not low.


Strongest laser pointer weapons are processed by high temperature decomposition of the structure of the object hit hit

The reality of the strongest laser pointer can do barbecue. Such a large aircraft can only do the heating of the fuel tank missile missile exploded. But this weapon for anti satellite is very good. The intensity of the laser to burn satellite instruments, solar panels. And will not produce a large amount of debris. But anti satellite is acts of war very high level, only the total war will do so.

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Strongest laser pointer damage is generally rely on thermal effect, melting or evaporation by irradiation of material, so in the solid material is generally a hole. Water droplets are scattered scattered vapor, so if the laser energy is high enough, the moment a large amount of steam in the irradiation, or may produce vapor explosion of course, far behind the explosive effect of the chemical reaction.strongest laser pointer2

See strongest laser pointer before the taxi plate, two cm thick, a hole, hole edge has a small bulge, as if to do four 4kW after 15 years of melt condensation assembly before the end of the year, the effect should be better, difficult or aperture in the laser beam long distance angle problem.

strongest laser pointer3

Strongest laser pointer energy, has the relationship between the power and the size of the object. If it is a high power laser, even hit the glass optical transparency is high, a small part of the absorbed energy can also be made of glass whole Suidiao. Will generally be good lenses can withstand the range estimate to avoid this situation because of this some lenses are very expensive, so usually with Suidiao and experimental personnel heart.

Super resolution imaging team successfully developed two-photon excitation strongest laser pointer scanning real-time stereo microscope

Research on contemporary life science put forward the higher spatial resolution of the increasingly high demand for the strongest laser pointer microscopy, imaging depth greater and faster imaging speed. Especially for in vivo imaging, light scattering of biological tissues makes noise greatly enhanced, seriously affecting the spatial resolution and depth imaging.strongest laser pointer1

In order to improve the imaging depth, two-photon excitation strongest laser pointer scanning fluorescence microscopy technology since 1990s which is widely used in the field of neuro imaging, but the imaging mode of the scanning point restricts the imaging speed. Because of the high resolution optical microscope, the depth of field is very small, to complete the 3D images for the samples.

strongest laser pointer2

Usually has dozens of layers of 2D images were superimposed per layer reconstruction, image acquisition and processing generally require several minutes or even tens of minutes, to quickly get the real-time three-dimensional image display and very difficult, with the principle of binocular vision and Bessel beam extended focal field as the foundation, proposed the strongest laser pointer three-dimensional scanning device consists of the four galvanometer, control of lateral position and inclination of Bessel beam includes three dimensions, break through the traditional laser scanning not only two degrees of freedom from the perspective of real-time switch restrictions.