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The new era of the tile laser pointers can obtain unprecedented performance requirements

The laser pointers is a new equipment of main beam, high powered laser pointer has the characteristics of ultrashort optical pulse and blue laser pointers, strongest laser can provide pointer. HAPLS system 3.3Hz frequency verus said each of the 28 high powered laser femtosecond can transmit 16 Joule — each pulse to produce about 0.5 megawatts of energy for scientists the smooth development of cutting-edge experiments.laser pointers

From laser show to a fully integrated and even become the whole process to break the record of the products. Twenty years ago, green light laser led the development of the world’s first laser pointers laser, which is a huge breakthrough in the peak power. Today, high powered laser pointer, ushering in a new era of petawatt laser, can obtain the hitherto unknown the performance requirements .

laser pointers2

The high frequency characteristics of blue laser pointers system is an important turning point in the field, the strongest laser pointer system is the first real application high powered laser. frequency is set according to the design requirements, no one can in such a short period of time with a limited budget to achieve laser show. Cornelius and facilities to improve the green light system laser cooperation so that we benefit a lot.laser pointers3

In the whole process of the development of laser pointers, high powered laser pointer scientists and engineers have always maintained close cooperation. One of the truly successful effort is, from the beginning of the entrusting party is completely devoted to the commissioning and operation of blue laser pointers. This provides the conditions for the practice training and professional knowledge of the entry, ensure effective operation of the strongest laser pointer‘s success.


Laser pointers freckle is to play the role of laser wavelength is disintegrating by pigment absorption after the patch

A white cover 100 ugly, is saying is the truth, who do not laser pointers want to have a clean, dry skin whitening, especially the freckled girl boy is better than laser pointers others more trouble, hoping to remove. In recent years, with the development of science and laser pointers technology, women want to use laser freckle to improve the present situation. So, how the laser pointers freckle effect?


In recent years, with the rapid development of the medical level of age, can use laser pointers freckle. Laser freckle laser pointers wavelength is through certain pigment absorption caused by plaque, play a role in the disintegration of black patches after the disintegration. Fragments will slowly absorbed by the body. The absorption time is generally about a month and a half, so the two treatment intervals for one and a half months. Laser pointers freckle treatment will have a slight tingling.


After treatment, there will be some  laser pointers  small blood epidermal permeability, a day or so gradually healing of the crusts, about 3~5 days scab will naturally fall off;  laser pointers  treatment is currently not blisters; however, there will be some temporary application of  laser pointers  treatment of postoperative pigmentation, not excessive worry, cool color will gradually disappear faded in 3 months after the  laser pointers  treatment, most will not leave scar.


Laser pointers freckle is the use of the selective photothermolysis principle of laser pointers . laser pointers  irradiation of the skin, the skin will be lesion pigment absorption, high energy laser will produce will break these pigments, pigment with the circulation of human debris out of the body, so as to achieve the purpose. Speckle due to skin lesions have not contain pigment so, will not absorblaser pointers , so it will not hurt the skin itself. So, no scar after laser pointers freckle, very ideal.laser-pointers4