Green light laser as a new type of photoelectric measurement equipment came into being, which provides a feasible solution for power line inspection

Green light laser is a cross regional project, from the power grid planning, surveying, design, construction, operation, management, maintenance, marketing, decision analysis and so on, have a strong demand for regional spatial information. LIDAR laser measurement technique with high precision, full three-dimensional characteristics, which is fine grid design and management, provides spatial data support scientific and efficient.

green light laser2

Green light laser is the most important part of the grid, and line corridor terrain, topography, surface features have great influence on the construction and safe operation of the line, is the area of concern for the circuit design and management. At present, the power line corridor space data acquisition are the main methods of artificial mapping, aerial survey and remote sensing. LIDAR laser measurement technology can be used for fast high precision 3D measurement of line corridor, so as to design, transmission line operation, maintenance, management of enterprises and professionals to provide faster and more efficient and scientific means.

green light laser3

Green light laser to obtain high precision 3D line corridor terrain, line facilities and equipment, and features of the precise three-dimensional information corridor, including the tower, hanging line position, wire sag, trees, buildings, and power line planning and design, to provide high precision measurement data of operation and maintenance.

green light laser

Green light laser in the circuit design stage, need certain width in the range of measuring line corridor selected within the high precision, to optimize the path line and tower location, as well as reduce the construction investment. For the transmission line and the high-voltage power line using aerial photography in the construction design stage.