Green light laser will travel in straight lines affected by wind?

The first to launch a bunch of active green light laser low energy ranging from the upper part of the aircraft pod, the coarse lock, provide location coordinates of missile; and then rotate the laser turret, which aimed at the target; then launch tracking laser beam and beacon illuminating laser beam to illuminate the target tracking, the laser beam on the contact missile, nose cone at the top of the missile with light irradiation, high resolution imaging sensors for missile imaging using reflection, further determine its position, shape and damageable parts, laser transmission line on atmospheric characteristics.

green light laser3

Adjust the mirror adaptive deformation parameters, tracking precision, aiming to provide parameters to the beam and fire control system; the last launch of high power green light laser, converge to the missile engine shell, a light time lasts about 3 ~ 5 s, the engine casing damage. In the whole process of operation, the control tower follow the ballistic missile servo.

green light laser1

The distant stars brighter, the green light laser can be regarded as the plane wave through the atmospheric turbulence, the wave front reaches the ground clutter. With adaptive optics telescope can be a part of such a distortion of light through the deformable mirror and the beam splitter into the wavefront sensor to detect the wavefront shape. Through the corresponding feedback algorithm promoting surface actuator array to adjust the mirror control, in a very short period of time will be reflected light is corrected for the closest to the plane wave form.

green light laser2

Of course, green light laser also has many limitations and difficulties, such as high speed regulation of large systems, such as air also has some dispersion, so different frequencies of light in the atmospheric disturbance will not the same, each job can only adapt to the relatively narrow band. If it is not very bright for the stars, but also to make an artificial laser guide star in the vicinity of the azimuth