How to build this kind of high powered laser stadium in advertising? How much does it cost?

First, you need high powered laser transmitter, if you want to cast a similar effect, you need to let the laser grating, grating can be projected from the corresponding graphics, but the graphics need to customize the grating projection. If your computer skills are good, implementation method of scanning with mirror, two mirror changing laser beam the X and Y axes, let the laser scan corresponding graph according to the risk to the human body laser classification on the ground, observed in the light inside the tree to the eyes.

high powered laser1

I say things I need to know it. First of all that I did for a period of time high powered laser animation in 10 years, the court can build with related equipment. The basic involves two pieces, one is the laser performance device. Such a large range of radiation, to maintain the brightness, almost 2 to 3W machines, about 4-7 million yuan. Then need to edit a set of software, for example, pangolin, about 100 thousand. Then is the personnel expense and on-site erection of the shelf and so on.

high powered laser2

A group of scientists of international cooperation to customize a X special optical glasses, the X high powered laser ray ever more powerful. Individually to eliminate the inevitable correction lens X ray optical defects of the stack, almost entirely from X beam 3/4 to form a 250 nm light field (one millionth of a millimeter in diameter) of the light field, close to the theoretical limit.

high powered laser3

The high powered laser can not only improve the quality of the measurement, but also opened up a new way of study, tend to remember the first and last thing happened. The middle thing not remember. So, if you want to introduce yourself, do the best first or last interview. When is the same.