Laser show is an indispensable part of the resonant cavity, the resonant cavity is simply two mirrors

Laser show inside the cavity of the laser oscillation strengthened, power output power is more powerful. That is to say such a powerful laser power cavity there is no burn those lenses, as long as your mirror coating for laser wavelength, is generally difficult to be burned. Generally used for resonant cavity lens, reflective film coating, the better to help you with 99.9% at home, it is through the lens of laser leak is very small. Of course, your mirror to stick a lot of dust, the dust burning laser can also destroy you in the mirror.laser show2

The so-called laser show, no matter what the object, have certain ability of reflection and absorption for different light, the same objects will have different reflection ability and absorption ability. For our common laser welding and cutting is the absorption of energy, can absorb so much energy to welding and cutting, if the material does not absorb it is unable to carry out cutting and welding. But for high peak power to a certain extent, will produce a series of nonlinear effects, it is not a simple problem of energy absorption.

laser show3

Before the thought, propagation of electromagnetic waves in the object is actually the reflection of laser show absorption. The Finel formula can be solved. But in the nonlinear effects, such as electrons are excited, the material is formed on the surface of plasma evaporation, light absorption and presents a particle, how unified two process is a very interesting. Have little talent and less learning, yet to explain.

laser show1

Analysis of the most superficial, the mirror cannot be 100% reflection laser show, itself will absorb part of the laser energy and laser energy weapons. To a certain extent, it is a mirror to absorb the energy can burn through the mirror.