Laser show weapon is the first, is also the most widely studied, and has achieved considerable efficacy of directional energy weapons

Research is another super weapon also had a great relationship, that is laser show. But when the laser weapons and weapons now complete meaning differences, because at the time of the laser weapon skill scores, also cannot be called a true laser, only by reflecting sunlight to affect the effect of enemy positions and aircraft.

laser show1

Laser show is the first weapon, is the most common research, and has directed to weapons. To match the efficacy of 80’s of the last century the world military power has made numerous planning laser weapon system respectively, and some also put into the experiment equipment.

laser show2

Laser show, to construct a group of people dedicated to research it. A few people have to eat not to do other things, specifically about it. Never mind no results. In addition to military defense weapons, should pay attention to defense research achievements, perhaps we in the future warfare defense. If the main defensive weapons, than the number of the atomic bomb than others. We win the battle is never necessary defense hands are anti fortification, dig cave.laser show3

In our daily life, laser show has become an indispensable element, car too, like car lost night without lights can not find the direction of the same, consumers often do not can’t do anything. Try to pay close attention to the quality of light in the purchase of a car, but the difference between different lighting is also very large, how to identify the lights become an important skill test of consumers, so in normal light the most common car headlights what difference?