Ordinary laser pointers flashlight how to increase the power to make it destructive?

If you just want to blind it is much simple. Glasses then look, 1mW laser pointers will beat you blind, infrared light to make macular degeneration, congestion fundus. The normal pupil diameter of 2.5~4mm, according to the 1mW calculated in order to blind blind eyes, but also to reduce the aiming difficulty, laser spot criminals need a face so much. I press my head 150mm calculation, in order to get the same power density, the power required for the 2.5W. so a bunch of 3W light spot diameter of about 150mm, have been blinded or temporary blindness.

laser pointers1

Visible light, especially laser pointers, green wave length will be first applied to the cornea, the release of heat energy is absorbed, will feel the burn. Then the effect on lens, and the lens to absorb a large amount of heat. So, green was hit, the pain in my glasses, a division of the example is that hot brother aching, and kept washing eyes.laser pointers2

Lucky, will slowly recover. But because the heat in the lens, will form some floating floc. To me a example of the teacher is to see things that have a lot of laser pointers, a small jellyfish in front of floating power. A lot of words, to do experiments with porcine eyeball examples of eye explosion.

laser pointers3

Near infrared, laser pointers is not easily absorbed by water, so it will pass through the cornea, lens, fundus. Direct light irradiation caused temporary blindness in the retina, and fundus congestion began, swollen, leading to retinal imaging. It is not normal macular degeneration. The fundus of the eye blood clot will slowly be absorbed, but the visual part of the retina gradually homing. The permanent nerve is broken, leading to the shadow into a black spots.