The harm of high powered laser pointer is not reduced because it is homemade

Some people think I posted out of the laser classification is only applicable to the goods, high powered laser pointer made no difference. Indeed, you now own at home with laser, no one to ask for your label. However, laser damage should not because it is lower. The main requirements of the self-made problem is destructive the answer, he gave an absolutely destructive thing, also seems to encourage questions to do.high powered laser pointer1

I don’t know you are so destructive thing to do, he at home to disregard the safety of death is also not playing, playing the crime; but if you think “high powered laser pointer made nobody, holding on the road, the passers-by had residual playing dead, nature had changed.

high powered laser pointer3

Spider man has a famous saying, “With great power comes great responsibility.” when your ability to use this dangerous, do you know what you’re doing here. Why nuclear password box should be in the hands of the president, instead of one of his relatives, neuropathy? Is a truth. So, don’t know high powered laser pointer with his playing badly, messy residue, playing dead, is reckless.high powered laser pointer2

Obviously has more than 4 kinds of high powered laser pointer standard, even if the diffuse light may be permanent blindness, than Tianjin granny “gun” do not know where to go bad. If a bear children get the things into the street, I can easily see committing the crime of endangering public safety. “, causing serious consequences, can be sentenced to ten years imprisonment, life imprisonment or death.”

Ordinary laser pointers flashlight how to increase the power to make it destructive?

If you just want to blind it is much simple. Glasses then look, 1mW laser pointers will beat you blind, infrared light to make macular degeneration, congestion fundus. The normal pupil diameter of 2.5~4mm, according to the 1mW calculated in order to blind blind eyes, but also to reduce the aiming difficulty, laser spot criminals need a face so much. I press my head 150mm calculation, in order to get the same power density, the power required for the 2.5W. so a bunch of 3W light spot diameter of about 150mm, have been blinded or temporary blindness.

laser pointers1

Visible light, especially laser pointers, green wave length will be first applied to the cornea, the release of heat energy is absorbed, will feel the burn. Then the effect on lens, and the lens to absorb a large amount of heat. So, green was hit, the pain in my glasses, a division of the example is that hot brother aching, and kept washing eyes.laser pointers2

Lucky, will slowly recover. But because the heat in the lens, will form some floating floc. To me a example of the teacher is to see things that have a lot of laser pointers, a small jellyfish in front of floating power. A lot of words, to do experiments with porcine eyeball examples of eye explosion.

laser pointers3

Near infrared, laser pointers is not easily absorbed by water, so it will pass through the cornea, lens, fundus. Direct light irradiation caused temporary blindness in the retina, and fundus congestion began, swollen, leading to retinal imaging. It is not normal macular degeneration. The fundus of the eye blood clot will slowly be absorbed, but the visual part of the retina gradually homing. The permanent nerve is broken, leading to the shadow into a black spots.

Green light laser as a new type of photoelectric measurement equipment came into being, which provides a feasible solution for power line inspection

Green light laser is a cross regional project, from the power grid planning, surveying, design, construction, operation, management, maintenance, marketing, decision analysis and so on, have a strong demand for regional spatial information. LIDAR laser measurement technique with high precision, full three-dimensional characteristics, which is fine grid design and management, provides spatial data support scientific and efficient.

green light laser2

Green light laser is the most important part of the grid, and line corridor terrain, topography, surface features have great influence on the construction and safe operation of the line, is the area of concern for the circuit design and management. At present, the power line corridor space data acquisition are the main methods of artificial mapping, aerial survey and remote sensing. LIDAR laser measurement technology can be used for fast high precision 3D measurement of line corridor, so as to design, transmission line operation, maintenance, management of enterprises and professionals to provide faster and more efficient and scientific means.

green light laser3

Green light laser to obtain high precision 3D line corridor terrain, line facilities and equipment, and features of the precise three-dimensional information corridor, including the tower, hanging line position, wire sag, trees, buildings, and power line planning and design, to provide high precision measurement data of operation and maintenance.

green light laser

Green light laser in the circuit design stage, need certain width in the range of measuring line corridor selected within the high precision, to optimize the path line and tower location, as well as reduce the construction investment. For the transmission line and the high-voltage power line using aerial photography in the construction design stage.

Laser show weapon is the first, is also the most widely studied, and has achieved considerable efficacy of directional energy weapons

Research is another super weapon also had a great relationship, that is laser show. But when the laser weapons and weapons now complete meaning differences, because at the time of the laser weapon skill scores, also cannot be called a true laser, only by reflecting sunlight to affect the effect of enemy positions and aircraft.

laser show1

Laser show is the first weapon, is the most common research, and has directed to weapons. To match the efficacy of 80’s of the last century the world military power has made numerous planning laser weapon system respectively, and some also put into the experiment equipment.

laser show2

Laser show, to construct a group of people dedicated to research it. A few people have to eat not to do other things, specifically about it. Never mind no results. In addition to military defense weapons, should pay attention to defense research achievements, perhaps we in the future warfare defense. If the main defensive weapons, than the number of the atomic bomb than others. We win the battle is never necessary defense hands are anti fortification, dig cave.laser show3

In our daily life, laser show has become an indispensable element, car too, like car lost night without lights can not find the direction of the same, consumers often do not can’t do anything. Try to pay close attention to the quality of light in the purchase of a car, but the difference between different lighting is also very large, how to identify the lights become an important skill test of consumers, so in normal light the most common car headlights what difference?

How to build this kind of high powered laser stadium in advertising? How much does it cost?

First, you need high powered laser transmitter, if you want to cast a similar effect, you need to let the laser grating, grating can be projected from the corresponding graphics, but the graphics need to customize the grating projection. If your computer skills are good, implementation method of scanning with mirror, two mirror changing laser beam the X and Y axes, let the laser scan corresponding graph according to the risk to the human body laser classification on the ground, observed in the light inside the tree to the eyes.

high powered laser1

I say things I need to know it. First of all that I did for a period of time high powered laser animation in 10 years, the court can build with related equipment. The basic involves two pieces, one is the laser performance device. Such a large range of radiation, to maintain the brightness, almost 2 to 3W machines, about 4-7 million yuan. Then need to edit a set of software, for example, pangolin, about 100 thousand. Then is the personnel expense and on-site erection of the shelf and so on.

high powered laser2

A group of scientists of international cooperation to customize a X special optical glasses, the X high powered laser ray ever more powerful. Individually to eliminate the inevitable correction lens X ray optical defects of the stack, almost entirely from X beam 3/4 to form a 250 nm light field (one millionth of a millimeter in diameter) of the light field, close to the theoretical limit.

high powered laser3

The high powered laser can not only improve the quality of the measurement, but also opened up a new way of study, tend to remember the first and last thing happened. The middle thing not remember. So, if you want to introduce yourself, do the best first or last interview. When is the same.

Strongest laser pointer weapons are processed by high temperature decomposition of the structure of the object hit hit

The reality of the strongest laser pointer can do barbecue. Such a large aircraft can only do the heating of the fuel tank missile missile exploded. But this weapon for anti satellite is very good. The intensity of the laser to burn satellite instruments, solar panels. And will not produce a large amount of debris. But anti satellite is acts of war very high level, only the total war will do so.

strongest laser pointer1

Strongest laser pointer damage is generally rely on thermal effect, melting or evaporation by irradiation of material, so in the solid material is generally a hole. Water droplets are scattered scattered vapor, so if the laser energy is high enough, the moment a large amount of steam in the irradiation, or may produce vapor explosion of course, far behind the explosive effect of the chemical reaction.strongest laser pointer2

See strongest laser pointer before the taxi plate, two cm thick, a hole, hole edge has a small bulge, as if to do four 4kW after 15 years of melt condensation assembly before the end of the year, the effect should be better, difficult or aperture in the laser beam long distance angle problem.

strongest laser pointer3

Strongest laser pointer energy, has the relationship between the power and the size of the object. If it is a high power laser, even hit the glass optical transparency is high, a small part of the absorbed energy can also be made of glass whole Suidiao. Will generally be good lenses can withstand the range estimate to avoid this situation because of this some lenses are very expensive, so usually with Suidiao and experimental personnel heart.

Why is it difficult to create white blue laser pointers?

Blue laser pointers has three conditions: the pump source, the gain medium and laser resonator. The pump source is responsible for providing energy, the gain medium is responsible for providing inversion conditions, resonant cavity in laser shock is responsible for round-trip amplification. Before, only the pump source and gain medium to light, this is called laser pointers1

In general, the fluorescence can gain medium out to do is very wide, which is the primary reason it is difficult to produce white blue laser pointers. While the ordinary white light is often a light source superposition effect. At the same time, in the design of laser, the cavity length must be an integer multiple of half wavelength, it to ensure that the shock wave and constructive interference. It also led to a few wavelengths only discrete can be enlarged, which is a laser pointers2

Each blue laser pointers only launched a color of light, creating a can emit red, green and blue of the whole device is very difficult, because it requires the combination of various semiconductor into a chip. However, these do not match the crystals are one by one on go back to cause some fatal defects.

blue laser pointers3

Blue laser pointers is usually used in general these people are not familiar with the material, and a material can do what the wavelength of the laser is not arbitrary, but subject to the properties of the material, usually a material can only do one or a few kinds of wavelength, and to make a material made of several different wavelength laser, but also these wavelengths are just complementary, this is a big problem.

To do with the high powered laser pointer, to the LCD TV, invisible (no red dot) what principle?

Because the LCD TV color bright, ordinary red pen, or the kind of low power high powered laser pointer the copycat, can not be satisfied. For liquid crystal display, its composition is completely transparent to the flow characteristics of liquid crystal, the light transmittance is high, then the reflected light is small, it is difficult to identify.

high powered laser pointer1

In order to prevent the interference of external light source imaging, a low reflective liquid crystal display technology in liquid crystal glass, which is special treatment on the glass surface, the reflectivity of external light in around 1%, almost no high powered laser pointer will be reflected into the eye, to see the red dot.high powered laser pointer2

Two opaque pen tightly clamped together side by side, a two pen in the middle position above the light parallel to the high powered laser pointer will see the color stripes. Because light has the same frequency, the diffraction phenomenon.

high powered laser pointer3

In a spherical mirror in the room, people inside, high powered laser pointer issued by the parallel light reflected by the spherical mirror, the first reflector is very small, the scattering is not obvious. After several reflections of spherical space filled with reflected light. The past is reflected in a mirror to see his again, a trivial detail of yourself. Themselves, finally become blurred. Very small and can be ignored. It can not see their own. As an infinite number of spherical polyhedra.

How much time does a strong laser pointers cause irreversible damage to the eyes?

Laser pointers belongs to the low energy laser equipment, it is very safe and can avoid the electrostatic hazard of all. Here are a few applications of CLASS I laser: laser printers, CD player, CD ROM equipment, geological survey equipment and laboratory analysis equipment. In any condition of CLASS I laser will not cause harm to the human body or the skin. Use CLASS I laser device, without other auxiliary equipment safety.

laser pointers1

Open laser pointers is very dangerous, and the laser scattering will produce eye injury. No open Class IIIb laser and telescope equipment. No matter what time viewing of the laser in the laser in operation and control, must wear gowns and goggles.laser pointers2

Laser pointers also belongs to the low energy laser (power LASS IIIA laser is a continuous wave laser, belonging to medium energy emitter (1-5 (MW). Using the example of CLASS IIIA and CLASS II laser is approximately the same, such as laser pointer, laser scanner. Open CLASS IIIA laser is very dangerous, all not in any case directly on CALSS IIIA laser. Do not aim at anyone’s eyes with a CLASS IIIA laser pointer. Prohibit the use of the telescope to watch CLASS IIIA laser. These are some must pay attention to the problem.laser pointers3

Industrial use of laser pointers can not look directly, because the laser cavity in the oscillation and through the focus lens to shoot, if the eye is just at the focus of the moment will be a small spot on the retina


What happens when a person travels at the speed of light, while a green light laser in his hand is going forward? Will there be two times the speed of light?

This is actually the first conclusion, another theory. Originally thought that all human understanding of the universe, what research on decomposition rate of synthesis is very thorough. But suddenly one day, no matter what the launch on the platform of green light laser, measuring its speed is constant on another platform. And then you’re blind, melancholy, until the last one to help people find a new theory to explain this problem. So the answer is not because certain theory, light can travel faster than light, but so far, the experiment not even a little bit of super speed of light laser1

“The relative velocity we assume that someone close to green light laser, then according to the theory of relativity, his time” relatively slow to close to us “(stop watch his speed, his aging speed, in our view, slow to almost stop); but in his opinion, his time is normal. That is to say, we are in two different time reference and light laser2

Observation on the reference system in which we live, because of his green light laser time “relatively slow to close to us” stop – we can assume that the time to slow down N times. So in our view, this light is light from his relative speed c slow N light laser3

Any of the two in the relative motion of the object, in fact, are in a different frame of reference, time lapse speed is different. Only our usual velocity relative to the green light laser is too small, so each time the different speed can almost be ignored.