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If using blue laser pointers guidance, guidance laser sighting the available binocular sight

Aim at with guns pointing parallel do not coincide, aimed at the location and position of the guns pointed at both far and near a fixed size distance error. Then thought of in a similar way using two sets of periscope, mirror, blue laser  pointers by muzzle around two sides, with the eyepiece at the top of the gun. Following the crosshairs, then cross hairs.

blue laser pointers1

But now that it has no aim, that was like so well. Blue laser pointers double cylinder mechanical sight, sight, or diffraction, holographic technology has infinite sight image. Because the trajectory of relationship, live without guide weapon sights with binoculars, real-time display and measurement the computer and the eyes of a transparent display, it has obvious effect.

blue laser pointers3

Blue laser pointers can use weapons aimed at power irradiation target, do not want to “tip” enemy, can a power loss in sight, sight for SLR principle, or not in sight on the loss of power, double barrel sight.

blue laser pointers2

In the air, water, glass and other media environment, sometimes because of the uneven medium in time and space, without irradiation targeting will significantly reduce the shooting accuracy, but the distance is not obvious. The general guidance of bullets, shells, rockets and guided ammunition, if using blue laser pointers guidance, guidance laser sighting the available binocular sight.

Because the length of the blue laser pointers is relatively easy to achieve ultra fast, so the beam produced by the laser beam is basically a bunch of short

In the blue laser pointers is considered a cathode really easy to use, is to look at the thermal emittance, lifetime, emission efficiency, response time. Each is a pit. Because it is not what each cathode performance are very good. So in the design stage, to think what is most important to choose again.blue laser pointers1

First, blue laser pointers, the vacuum tube is hot cathode. Such as old-fashioned CRT TV, antique oscilloscope like. Now to see the play. In the high-end audio could be seen in the vacuum tube, after all. The power electronic principle thermal emission is bound to change due to the high temperature distribution in the end, the formation of a high-energy tail.

blue laser pointers2

If the electron energy is greater than the material work function, coupled with the external electric field, electron is emitted out. There are a lot of hot cathode materials, the mainstream is the LaB6 class blue laser pointers. advantage of long service life, low transverse emittance, simple and mature. That is the low emittance electron temperature is low, only 1400~1800 we used the accelerator with a 0.12~0.15eV. unit also so good things you love.blue laser pointers3

But blue laser pointers, the biggest problem is the bunch is very long. A little can after the longitudinal emittance is substantial. There are a bunch of serious problems in the RF gun. So there are very high requirements of the equipment will not used for electron beam length. Of course is one of the hot cathode can not be reconciled, they also have to come up with a counter grid short bunch.

Why is it difficult to create white blue laser pointers?

Blue laser pointers has three conditions: the pump source, the gain medium and laser resonator. The pump source is responsible for providing energy, the gain medium is responsible for providing inversion conditions, resonant cavity in laser shock is responsible for round-trip amplification. Before, only the pump source and gain medium to light, this is called fluorescence.blue laser pointers1

In general, the fluorescence can gain medium out to do is very wide, which is the primary reason it is difficult to produce white blue laser pointers. While the ordinary white light is often a light source superposition effect. At the same time, in the design of laser, the cavity length must be an integer multiple of half wavelength, it to ensure that the shock wave and constructive interference. It also led to a few wavelengths only discrete can be enlarged, which is a laser.blue laser pointers2

Each blue laser pointers only launched a color of light, creating a can emit red, green and blue of the whole device is very difficult, because it requires the combination of various semiconductor into a chip. However, these do not match the crystals are one by one on go back to cause some fatal defects.

blue laser pointers3

Blue laser pointers is usually used in general these people are not familiar with the material, and a material can do what the wavelength of the laser is not arbitrary, but subject to the properties of the material, usually a material can only do one or a few kinds of wavelength, and to make a material made of several different wavelength laser, but also these wavelengths are just complementary, this is a big problem.

Blue laser pointers is a new type of laser beam with non-uniform polarization and helical phase structure on the beam cross section

Blue laser pointers in laser processing, particle manipulation, it has very important applications in quantum information. Compared with vector beam or vortex beam, vector vortex beams in the interaction between light and matter has more degrees of freedom.laser1

The use of blue laser pointers, the polarization converter based on liquid crystal, laser resonator has been able to produce vector vortex beams. However, the beam generated by these methods are generally confined to the polarization state specific, and has a low threshold, low conversion efficiency and the large size and other shortcomings.


A vector vortex beam can be decomposed into a blue laser pointers,vector and blue vector polarization polarization with a dielectric film and Q vortex phase can be achieved through a spiral phase plate. The Q structure is integrated into the spiral phase plate, can be formed integrated device to generate vector vortex beam.laser3

Blue laser pointers is used to describe any vector vortex beams, the physical process can make the polarization and phase evolution has become more intuitive. Based on the theory of mixed order Poincare ball, arbitrary vector vortex beams can be decomposed into a vector beam and a vortex phase factor. The vector beam with a dielectric Q and vortex which factor can be achieved through a spiral phase plate. Through the control of polarization state of incident light, you can get mixed order Poincare ball on the corresponding point of the vector vortex beams.