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High powered laser has a strong penetration, why do not have a vehicle in fog with a laser light after the car?

The characteristics of high powered laser is a small beam, good direction, energy can be concentrated to a relatively small area, so it is not like an ordinary light source that illuminates a large area (the answer says to be able to laser beam, laser beam expanding, but after and ordinary light what different?)high powered laser1

Alone any car, the driver’s eyes must be higher than the light, if all cars are almost the size, as long as the high powered laser direction with a certain downward angle, then the laser light is not possible to direct the other driver’s eyes, this is also thanks to the good laser direction.

high powered laser2

However, different car lights of different height, a large truck headlights is likely to be much higher than that of a car headlight so to make high powered laser more secure, also need the maximum height of the entire automobile industry agreed a laser lamp, which is lower than the lower edge of the smallest car front windshield the glass.

high powered laser3

Light propagation in the fog will have a reflection, if the energy is large enough, the driver’s eyes, the basic car is a high powered laser, the driver to see the road? Similarly, energy is too small, and impenetrable fog.

High powered laser is handy for example, maybe there are more good material.

In fact, there is a feasible method of low efficiency, is not directly high powered laser, is in the lower atmosphere as carbon dioxide, carbon high temperature crystallization, diamond diamond crystal growth is estimated. The stick and then quickly spraying high temperature resistant materials, making it self by the fall. The long stick in order to reduce the loss.high powered laser1

Of course, the placement is quite good, the landing point should be a huge high powered laser, is to drop down the energy can not manufacture carbon energy, but the carbon atoms transported to the altitude from all corners of the country’s huge solar energy! Set off a tidal wave, was sent into electrical Giant Hydropower Station. Of course, carbon the size should be adjusted, don’t accidentally put the atomic bomb to play.

high powered laser2

High powered laser microwave transmission scheme is nonsense. I think, it is the energy per unit area of low energy waste, high energy per unit area of the weapon. And what is the difference between the space or a ladder, then at night to reach a certain position hard wired transmission power is better. There is a way of energy conversion, for example said on the moon first electricity for the electrolysis of water to produce hydrogen and then look for the spacecraft of the hydrogen and oxygen tank with high compression conveying to the near ladder delivered directly to the ground.high powered laser3

High powered laser is handy for example, maybe there are more good material. This is like the ancient use of solar energy, solar heat to the heating into limestone lime, and then when you need to put the heat of lime and water is good.

How to build this kind of high powered laser stadium in advertising? How much does it cost?

First, you need high powered laser transmitter, if you want to cast a similar effect, you need to let the laser grating, grating can be projected from the corresponding graphics, but the graphics need to customize the grating projection. If your computer skills are good, implementation method of scanning with mirror, two mirror changing laser beam the X and Y axes, let the laser scan corresponding graph according to the risk to the human body laser classification on the ground, observed in the light inside the tree to the eyes.

high powered laser1

I say things I need to know it. First of all that I did for a period of time high powered laser animation in 10 years, the court can build with related equipment. The basic involves two pieces, one is the laser performance device. Such a large range of radiation, to maintain the brightness, almost 2 to 3W machines, about 4-7 million yuan. Then need to edit a set of software, for example, pangolin, about 100 thousand. Then is the personnel expense and on-site erection of the shelf and so on.

high powered laser2

A group of scientists of international cooperation to customize a X special optical glasses, the X high powered laser ray ever more powerful. Individually to eliminate the inevitable correction lens X ray optical defects of the stack, almost entirely from X beam 3/4 to form a 250 nm light field (one millionth of a millimeter in diameter) of the light field, close to the theoretical limit.

high powered laser3

The high powered laser can not only improve the quality of the measurement, but also opened up a new way of study, tend to remember the first and last thing happened. The middle thing not remember. So, if you want to introduce yourself, do the best first or last interview. When is the same.

Under the irradiation of high powered laser, the optical image is formed by the imaging objective lens

High powered laser is converted into electronic signals by the image sensor. Then, the electrical signal is amplified by the image data processing system and synchronization control, sent to the image display, you can see the two-dimensional optical image of the object, so as to provide information for automatic driving vehicle driving environment accurately.

high powered laser1

In the automotive field, the image sensor is mainly used in the high powered laser, such as reverse image, forward-looking, overlooking the panoramic parking car mirror image, replace, tachograph, forward collision warning, lane departure warning, detection of traffic signal recognition, pedestrian, adaptive cruise control, blind spot detection and night vision, to ensure that the weather in the visual system a variety of road conditions, can clearly identify the lane, the vehicle, obstacle, traffic signs and so on.high powered laser2

According to the different elements, the image sensor can be divided into CCD, CMOS and CIS three. High powered laser, CCD early, because of small size, high resolution, high sensitivity, high image quality, has been leading image sensor market. However, behind CCD, it also brings some problems, such as high cost. The resulting lower cost, lower power consumption of the CMOS sensor.high powered laser3

Compared with CCD, high powered laser has a simple way to read the information, output information rate, low power consumption, high integration, low price, after the launch soon by the many well-known manufacturers of all ages. And with the development of technology, CMOS continued to narrow the gap with CCD, now gradually developed into the core of the market.

The laser is the brightest light in contemporary, only moments of intense flash bomb explosion can be compared with it

As everyone knows, the motion state of any kind of luminescence of laser pointers all of its material inside the particles. When in a low level on the laser show (atoms, molecules or ions) high powered laser pointer outside the proper frequency excitation is corresponding to high powered laser level on the absorption (stimulated absorption), always trying to transition to go to the lower level, while the extra energy to the high powered laser show.

If it is in the foreign laser pointers directly under the action from high level to low level during the transition of the extra energy to high powered laser pointer released (radiation), high powered laser was released with the alien in the incident photon frequency, phase, and other aspects of communication to exactly the same, which means that laser show has been strengthened, we called the optical amplifier.

The output brightness of a high-power laser pointers by sun light up 7 to 14 orders of magnitude. So, although the total energy of high powered laser pointer is not necessarily great, but because the energy is highly concentrated, easily in a micro dots generated at high pressure and tens of thousands or even millions of degrees Celsius temperature of.High powered laser. Laser show, cutting, welding and surgery is the use of this feature.

In laser pointers, realize the level inversion is the premise to realize optical amplification, the prerequisite is to produce high powered laser pointer. To achieve population inversion by high powered laser, so that a large number of the original in particle transition low level to high level. This process is called “laser show“.

Laser pointers welding has a broad prospect in the welding of steel structures.

The technology can improve the weld ability of laser pointers arc welding, the welding of the large gap with the development and application of.High powered laser pointer of great significance and high powered laser technology has had a very long time, has been widely used in the industrial field and the laser show.laser-pointers3

Laser pointers through fiber energy from the laser transmission to the workpiece. The welding with high current, the welding heat affected zone of arc column.High powered laser pointer energy transmission is very narrow, the weld aspect ratio is very high. Because of its focus on small diameter, high powered laser weld bypass capability is very poor but on the other hand, laser show the welding speed is very high.laser-pointers4

Welding technology of combining laser pointers with another welding method called high powered laser pointer, high powered laser and at the same time in arc welding area, influence each other and support. The research direction is to explore the technological characteristics of wider and deeper application of welding field. A typical example is the laser show composite welding technology used in the shipbuilding industry. This possibility we will demonstrate and discuss the application in the application field.laser-pointers2

Laser pointers increased the weld penetration and welding speed, welding process of metal vapor volatilization, and reaction in high powered laser pointer, plasma on laser absorption slightly, but can ignore high powered laser. depends on the characteristics of the whole welding process to choose  and arc energy input ratio.laser-pointers1

The laser pointers sensor is an optical instrument, its operation will be affected by the environmental conditions.

The laser pointers sensor is an optical instrument, affect its operation will be affected by environmental conditions. Therefore, the application high powered laser of measurable process to achieve different. The following conditions may affect the measurement process, due to technical difficulties and high cost of R & D laser pointers sensor, not only expensive, but also maintain and develop two times are relatively difficult. High powered laser radar technology has been applied to military production, all areas of life, truly benefit the people.


Laser pointers radar forms, technical indicators and technical methods are to be updated as the device level and the level of machining updates. The use is very extensive, it is a feasible way to detect, because the targets can be obtained relatively accurate distance information, no other way for the generation of.High powered laser could not have distance, microwave detection distance the accuracy is not high. The stimulated radiation is the frequency of the laser pointers to impact, can cause the particles in a certain probability from the low energy high level transition, and will release a polarization state, the process of phase, frequency and other external photons. Photons are as like as two peas interaction between material particles and high powered laser and the interaction between them in the micro particle material used to form the photon absorption and radiation, their motion and cause change.


This interaction refers to the mutual transition of laser pointers between two different levels, their frequency is v = Delta E/ Planck constant, and the energy difference was laser pointers, each state of the micro particles in a certain state, has itself a level, they are high powered laser must be a single state can also be understood as a state of being at any time they are unique. By definition the induced absorption is in the absorption of high powered laser, low level to high level transition.


What is the difference between ultraviolet laser and infrared laser pointers in material processing

Laser pointers in the form of damage in carbonization cutting or drilling on the edge, may lead to the weakening and parasitic conduction pathway structural, and have to increase the number of subsequent treatment process to improve the machining quality. Therefore, high powered laser is not suitable for some flexible circuit. In addition, even under high energy density, laser pointers the wavelength can not be more demanding to the absorption of copper, which limits the application range. While the output wavelength of high powered laser at 0.4 m, which is the main advantages of polymer materials. Different UV and infrared processing, micro processing essentially not heat treatment, and most of the absorption of UV materials pointers more easily than the absorption of laser. High energy high powered laser direct damage to the molecular bond many non metal material surface, with the “cold” light treatment work out The components have smooth edges and a minimum of carbonization.

One is the use of laser pointers: the surface of the material heated and vaporized (Zheng Fa), to remove the material, which is usually referred to as thermal processing. Using laser pointers (1.06 m wavelength). The two is to use the high powered laser: high energy direct damage to many non bond the surface of the metallic material, the molecules from high powered laser objects, this way does not produce high heat, it is called cold processing, mainly by UV laser (wavelength 355nm).

Moreover, laser pointers long the characteristics of metal and polymer micro mechanical processing has superiority. It can be focused to sub micron level points, high powered laser and processing it can be minor components, laser pointers even when the pulse energy level is not high, can obtain very high energy density, efficient material processing, using high powered laser micro hole in the industrial sector has been quite extensive, there are two main forms.

Laser pointerscutting processing technology is a kind of using laser beam on the surface of the accessories to achieve the continuous movement to achieve

Focused into a very small spot laser beam of the laser pointers equipment used in cutting time, can make high powered laser cutting machine to use high power, therefore, it is very fast cutting speed, high precision, can also ensure that the workpiece does not appear deformation.


Laser pointers cutting technology users know, high powered laser cutting technology is a use of laser pointers beam in parts of the surface is constantly movement to achieve, and the high powered laser beam in this work is a good guide, but also have a good correlation, its cutting ability the density is great. Well, the following Xiaobian specifically about laser pointers cutting technology which have characteristics.


This is a cutting technology as the cutting process using the laser pointers heat affected at the time of cutting area is very small, does not appear to affect a wide range. Another advantage is it can be of some non metal processing, of course, this is the other high powered laser cutting machine equipment can not do the place.laser-pointers3

The laser pointers beam has a good control performance and operation path we can control this free high powered laser cutting machine, for any kind of hard material can make the appropriate cutting. For those small parts, we can perfect the local cutting.laser-pointers4

Laser pointers has been gradually advancing the application field of high power CO2 laser.

People have been developed for high power laser source, laser pointers equipment, however, because of the electro-optical conversion efficiency is only 6%, and the huge, so whether it is simple or pump source, diode pumped laser source, still can not win over solid laser pointers source. With the further increase the output power of fiber laser, fiber laser is started to promote the application of the original can only use CO2 laser source. In the past three years, a variety of laser source used in the field of industry, the importance of laser pointers laser has been increasingly prominent.


A wavelength of 1070 nm ytterbium doped fiber laser pointers with its compact shape, the photoelectric conversion efficiency of more than 25%, and excellent beam quality has attracted attention. The main principle is in the laser cavity, through a variety of energy feedback, generation, operation guide and laser beam. The optical fiber laser by adding rare earth ions (such as specific ytterbium, erbium, neodymium, thulium etc.) high powered laser constitute a double clad coil formed by glass fiber. Double clad coil pump diode formed by multimode fiber, the energy into active fiber. Laser directly generate active optical fiber pointers cavity internal energy gain through a single-mode fiber passive multiple output. Single mode fiber synchronous output, we can get the kW laser pointers is a fiber power doubled. Due to the use of the fiber to the overall design of the fiber, so it doesn’t need to adjust or reverse alignment Mirrors and other optical components.


Compared with other similar output power of the laser system, optical fiber laser pointers device, coupled with the expected 100000 hours of uninterrupted operation of the service life of the diode is obviously lower maintenance costs. In addition, due to the design of fiber laser has the advantages of compact structure, simple operation, the optical fiber can access up to 200 m, it is especially suitable for those in need high power, flexible transmission and high mobility high powered laser source.laser-pointers3