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If we can see laser pointers weapons, then look like?

For the ideal of laser pointers, in an ideal medium (such as vacuum) in communication is clearly not to see, the laser energy was concentrated in the beam, you will see the target there is no sign of the flash and corrosion wear, we do laser spot welding is the case. Of course, laser spot welding and laser beam energy is very low. Laser weapon is not a level.

laser pointers1

If the increase of energy, we can see a line of laser pointers formed the roof of the building, such as many high power laser. This is the Tyndall phenomenon, light through the colloidal particles in the atmosphere, a part of the energy to the surrounding formation of blinding light scattering effect.

laser pointers2

But note that different material laser pointers excitation frequency generation are not the same, if not necessary, not necessarily just fall in the range of visible light, laser spot welding applications are not visible at this point even if the laser scattering cannot see.laser pointers3

If the laser pointers energy to continue to increase the laser level, laser energy can ionize the air in the atmosphere, at this time you can see the white light, red or blue purple (according to different laser wavelength and power, can refer to the color of lightning).

Ordinary laser pointers flashlight how to increase the power to make it destructive?

If you just want to blind it is much simple. Glasses then look, 1mW laser pointers will beat you blind, infrared light to make macular degeneration, congestion fundus. The normal pupil diameter of 2.5~4mm, according to the 1mW calculated in order to blind blind eyes, but also to reduce the aiming difficulty, laser spot criminals need a face so much. I press my head 150mm calculation, in order to get the same power density, the power required for the 2.5W. so a bunch of 3W light spot diameter of about 150mm, have been blinded or temporary blindness.

laser pointers1

Visible light, especially laser pointers, green wave length will be first applied to the cornea, the release of heat energy is absorbed, will feel the burn. Then the effect on lens, and the lens to absorb a large amount of heat. So, green was hit, the pain in my glasses, a division of the example is that hot brother aching, and kept washing eyes.laser pointers2

Lucky, will slowly recover. But because the heat in the lens, will form some floating floc. To me a example of the teacher is to see things that have a lot of laser pointers, a small jellyfish in front of floating power. A lot of words, to do experiments with porcine eyeball examples of eye explosion.

laser pointers3

Near infrared, laser pointers is not easily absorbed by water, so it will pass through the cornea, lens, fundus. Direct light irradiation caused temporary blindness in the retina, and fundus congestion began, swollen, leading to retinal imaging. It is not normal macular degeneration. The fundus of the eye blood clot will slowly be absorbed, but the visual part of the retina gradually homing. The permanent nerve is broken, leading to the shadow into a black spots.

How much time does a strong laser pointers cause irreversible damage to the eyes?

Laser pointers belongs to the low energy laser equipment, it is very safe and can avoid the electrostatic hazard of all. Here are a few applications of CLASS I laser: laser printers, CD player, CD ROM equipment, geological survey equipment and laboratory analysis equipment. In any condition of CLASS I laser will not cause harm to the human body or the skin. Use CLASS I laser device, without other auxiliary equipment safety.

laser pointers1

Open laser pointers is very dangerous, and the laser scattering will produce eye injury. No open Class IIIb laser and telescope equipment. No matter what time viewing of the laser in the laser in operation and control, must wear gowns and goggles.laser pointers2

Laser pointers also belongs to the low energy laser (power LASS IIIA laser is a continuous wave laser, belonging to medium energy emitter (1-5 (MW). Using the example of CLASS IIIA and CLASS II laser is approximately the same, such as laser pointer, laser scanner. Open CLASS IIIA laser is very dangerous, all not in any case directly on CALSS IIIA laser. Do not aim at anyone’s eyes with a CLASS IIIA laser pointer. Prohibit the use of the telescope to watch CLASS IIIA laser. These are some must pay attention to the problem.laser pointers3

Industrial use of laser pointers can not look directly, because the laser cavity in the oscillation and through the focus lens to shoot, if the eye is just at the focus of the moment will be a small spot on the retina


In the laser pointers process, whether there will be a thermal effect, the thermal effect will have on the circuit board and components

We understand that has relied on machinery / plate cutting, manual cutting, PCB designers and manufacturers and other forms of traditional plate equipment is very worried about laser pointers will produce the bad processing. No wonder they will continue to focus on regional thermal effect of the laser, especially the influence on cutting in line in the vicinity of the components.laser pointers1

Especially for high risk near the cutting edge of the components are destroyed in the board process may be studied. In other words, the thermal effects of ultraviolet laser pointers line around to what extent, the thermal effect will damage the cutting line in the vicinity of the components?

laser pointers2

Laser pointers will not cause damage to the sensitive components or close to the wiring board. For the study of thermal effect of regional effect will be more in-depth, but the results of the present study, we can clearly conclude that optimization of UV laser parameters can control the thermal effect of the temperature.laser pointers3

When the plate processing, you can use the laser pointers to adjust 15W. and when processing flexible material you can reduce the laser power to 1W3W. when processing flexible material or a specific plastic, you can also use the laser scanning control, microsecond between each scan delay to ensure proper cooling of heat affected zone. In order to avoid the implementation of one-time energy enormous heat generated in the product above agglomeration, this heat affected by near control wire components are protected.

Laser pointers technology will become the development direction of body welding technology

There is no doubt that the change of laser pointers mainstream development direction is extremely difficult, so we should be part of the diode laser into the existing mainstream direction, namely the CO2 laser generation should learn from the existing results of high powered laser solid, rather than relying on yet other development technology. The welding is a key link, the use of welding appropriate and can improve the body impact resistance ability, reducing body weight, laser show to simplify the final assembly process and other advantages.


Laser pointers is a kind of special light, monochromatic and coherent light, so it can be focused to do a small spot on the steel melt. To create a diode laser high powered laser radiation, you need the media. The energy from the outside will be transferred to this medium. At the same time, can produce molecules by stimulating. In the resonator the beam of monochromatic light between two mirrors, produced by reflection photon time and space agglomeration, one part of laser show transparent can be the ray reflected the resonator.


Laser pointers welding the most important advantage is the ability to very high energy focusing on one point, the high powered laser in the two beam welding part edge of the input energy of the metal is heated and melted. After diode laser beam melted material will be quickly cooled. In this process, there is a a small part of the laser show will enter the welded parts.


Another small spot size laser pointers beam is caused by the cutting quality, if there is to be welded seam in the middle of two parts, diode laser beam to ensure that through the material not in contact with the melt. To avoid high powered laser, the parts precision laser show is very high.


Laser pointers beam can be accurately performed surgery, like a small particle accelerator, like dry net net work.

When the molecular absorption of laser pointers, its electron stimulated. This new state is unstable, the molecules must lose their excess energy. To do this, by laser pointers of the molecular permanent chemical changes (such as open a key), or the molecular temperature rise, make it and the surrounding environment becomes hot. The excess energy in the form of  high powered laser from the molecule.


The use of laser pointers for cooling objects big idea is the German physicist Jinlin Seelem first proposed in 1929. His idea was to launch high powered laser when the material, it will become cold. In recent decades, called a Doppler cooling technology has been used in laser cooling material, using laser pointers to make atomic deceleration. The energy from atoms to photon conversion can make atomic cooling to the absolute temperature above zero ppm of powered laser but only weak.High in the minimum size to do this.laser-pointers2

There is something unexpected, laser pointers can put the material in the heat gradually discharged, until these materials as cold as frozen Pluto. American scientists have developed a prototype of high powered laser cooler, they hope to be able to use these cooler into satellite. Whether you go to what place, everywhere. There are traces of.Laser pointers can accurately surgery, small particle accelerators like a clear-cut.High powered laser can regenerate the surface of the sun hot state in the laboratory.laser-pointers3

The laser pointers left all the energy, more than the absorbed energy, cooling can be achieved.High powered laser method is on the photon laser beam energy selection, so that it only absorbed by those who already have some energy molecular materials, the first of these molecular “heating”.laser-pointers4

The laser pointers sensor is an optical instrument, its operation will be affected by the environmental conditions.

The laser pointers sensor is an optical instrument, affect its operation will be affected by environmental conditions. Therefore, the application high powered laser of measurable process to achieve different. The following conditions may affect the measurement process, due to technical difficulties and high cost of R & D laser pointers sensor, not only expensive, but also maintain and develop two times are relatively difficult. High powered laser radar technology has been applied to military production, all areas of life, truly benefit the people.


Laser pointers radar forms, technical indicators and technical methods are to be updated as the device level and the level of machining updates. The use is very extensive, it is a feasible way to detect, because the targets can be obtained relatively accurate distance information, no other way for the generation of.High powered laser could not have distance, microwave detection distance the accuracy is not high. The stimulated radiation is the frequency of the laser pointers to impact, can cause the particles in a certain probability from the low energy high level transition, and will release a polarization state, the process of phase, frequency and other external photons. Photons are as like as two peas interaction between material particles and high powered laser and the interaction between them in the micro particle material used to form the photon absorption and radiation, their motion and cause change.


This interaction refers to the mutual transition of laser pointers between two different levels, their frequency is v = Delta E/ Planck constant, and the energy difference was laser pointers, each state of the micro particles in a certain state, has itself a level, they are high powered laser must be a single state can also be understood as a state of being at any time they are unique. By definition the induced absorption is in the absorption of high powered laser, low level to high level transition.


What is the difference between ultraviolet laser and infrared laser pointers in material processing

Laser pointers in the form of damage in carbonization cutting or drilling on the edge, may lead to the weakening and parasitic conduction pathway structural, and have to increase the number of subsequent treatment process to improve the machining quality. Therefore, high powered laser is not suitable for some flexible circuit. In addition, even under high energy density, laser pointers the wavelength can not be more demanding to the absorption of copper, which limits the application range. While the output wavelength of high powered laser at 0.4 m, which is the main advantages of polymer materials. Different UV and infrared processing, micro processing essentially not heat treatment, and most of the absorption of UV materials pointers more easily than the absorption of laser. High energy high powered laser direct damage to the molecular bond many non metal material surface, with the “cold” light treatment work out The components have smooth edges and a minimum of carbonization.

One is the use of laser pointers: the surface of the material heated and vaporized (Zheng Fa), to remove the material, which is usually referred to as thermal processing. Using laser pointers (1.06 m wavelength). The two is to use the high powered laser: high energy direct damage to many non bond the surface of the metallic material, the molecules from high powered laser objects, this way does not produce high heat, it is called cold processing, mainly by UV laser (wavelength 355nm).

Moreover, laser pointers long the characteristics of metal and polymer micro mechanical processing has superiority. It can be focused to sub micron level points, high powered laser and processing it can be minor components, laser pointers even when the pulse energy level is not high, can obtain very high energy density, efficient material processing, using high powered laser micro hole in the industrial sector has been quite extensive, there are two main forms.

Laser pointerscutting processing technology is a kind of using laser beam on the surface of the accessories to achieve the continuous movement to achieve

Focused into a very small spot laser beam of the laser pointers equipment used in cutting time, can make high powered laser cutting machine to use high power, therefore, it is very fast cutting speed, high precision, can also ensure that the workpiece does not appear deformation.


Laser pointers cutting technology users know, high powered laser cutting technology is a use of laser pointers beam in parts of the surface is constantly movement to achieve, and the high powered laser beam in this work is a good guide, but also have a good correlation, its cutting ability the density is great. Well, the following Xiaobian specifically about laser pointers cutting technology which have characteristics.


This is a cutting technology as the cutting process using the laser pointers heat affected at the time of cutting area is very small, does not appear to affect a wide range. Another advantage is it can be of some non metal processing, of course, this is the other high powered laser cutting machine equipment can not do the place.laser-pointers3

The laser pointers beam has a good control performance and operation path we can control this free high powered laser cutting machine, for any kind of hard material can make the appropriate cutting. For those small parts, we can perfect the local cutting.laser-pointers4

The laser pointers radar is composed of three parts, which are the transmission system, the receiving system and the information processing.

Laser pointers electric pulse into pulses of light emitted from the target, then the optical receiver of the reflected light pulse reduction into electrical laser pointers pulses, finally through a series of algorithms to derive the target position (distance and angle), motion (speed, vibration and attitude) and shape, laser pointers can detect, identify and track target recognition.laser-pointers1

In addition, pulsed beams are essentially infrared wave, not by the electromagnetic wave effect, therefore, the signal source can interfere the laser pointers scanner in general application environment is not much system suitable for highly automated.Anti active jamming ability, pulse laser pointers radar transmitter aperture beam of very small, the receiver can receive the pulse beam area is very narrow, laser pointers therefore, by other infrared radar beam interference opportunity is very small.laser-pointers3

No light effect, laser pointers scanner can all-weather detection task, and the detection effect is not by day or night and driving many of the function of the camera sensor is not up to the present. This is no high laser pointers resolution, high precision, less than 2 cm, the angular resolution of about 0.09 degrees so, high resolution can be fully drawn contour, plus vertical angle detection, on average every 0.4 degrees with a scanning layer, laser pointers the whole week update rate of 15 Hz (Hz), the vehicle surroundings will be nowhere to hide.


No light effect, laser pointers scanner can all-weather detection task, and the detection effect is not by day or night and driving many of the function of the camera sensor reach which is currently unmanned.