The harm of high powered laser pointer is not reduced because it is homemade

Some people think I posted out of the laser classification is only applicable to the goods, high powered laser pointer made no difference. Indeed, you now own at home with laser, no one to ask for your label. However, laser damage should not because it is lower. The main requirements of the self-made problem is destructive the answer, he gave an absolutely destructive thing, also seems to encourage questions to do.high powered laser pointer1

I don’t know you are so destructive thing to do, he at home to disregard the safety of death is also not playing, playing the crime; but if you think “high powered laser pointer made nobody, holding on the road, the passers-by had residual playing dead, nature had changed.

high powered laser pointer3

Spider man has a famous saying, “With great power comes great responsibility.” when your ability to use this dangerous, do you know what you’re doing here. Why nuclear password box should be in the hands of the president, instead of one of his relatives, neuropathy? Is a truth. So, don’t know high powered laser pointer with his playing badly, messy residue, playing dead, is reckless.high powered laser pointer2

Obviously has more than 4 kinds of high powered laser pointer standard, even if the diffuse light may be permanent blindness, than Tianjin granny “gun” do not know where to go bad. If a bear children get the things into the street, I can easily see committing the crime of endangering public safety. “, causing serious consequences, can be sentenced to ten years imprisonment, life imprisonment or death.”