To make the strongest laser pointer lock the enemy missiles, just take a moment to blind or burned it

For example, in the strategic defense to intercept a missile to launch a missile, it is too expensive, the war is playing money. Besides, the enemy missile maneuver to change course, you have to calculate the detection precision, otherwise you can’t hit a missile interception strongest laser pointer people, no problem people, speed is the speed of light (*, *) B, is the bottleneck of the whole servo system, can make the laser beam locked enemy missiles, just as he put it blind or burned.

strongest laser pointer2

The main difficulty in two, strongest laser pointer, photoelectric tracking. The former is easy to understand, is nothing more than the power of laser wavelength more Niubi better, as far as possible in the atmospheric window, high beam quality. A part of the latter is also very important, is a feedback speed and the locking precision to be high, to keep the laser the two laser irradiation; is influenced by the atmospheric turbulence, caused by the need of adaptive optics by means of jitter compensation for distortion.strongest laser pointer3

It seems that the biggest problem is that the light for a moment, that is long. Usually strongest laser pointer, the failure mechanism is mainly rely on thermal effect, with exposure time is heat accumulation, the greater the power requires shorter time, photoelectric tracking difficulty is small, for example, to get 100kW, 1s burn in two seconds the missile, assuming 10 times the speed of sound, which is 12 thousand km / h, photoelectric tracking and laser lock need 3kM, but if your power is too weak to chicken, you haven’t burned it to your base to lift.

strongest laser pointer1

Of course, the power density and ablation degree is proportional to the spot can be reduced to increase the power density, but in order to fight the distant goal, can not use the focused beam, can make strongest laser pointer M2 (beam quality factor) is small, the collimation degree is higher, it will turn into the pursuit of power high beam quality, high power index pursuit, technical difficulty is not low.